Progressivism dbq

I was surprised to learn about your passion to do good for other would be honored to fulfill your wish of Glenn away one million dollars. Through our discussions, you have made me realize there Is another America that people do not II eke to talk about. We talked about the meat packing plant, child labor, and women’s right s. After much thought, I have decided to give $600, 000 to the meat packing plant, $300, 000 to child labor, and $100, 000 to women’s rights.

I have decided to give $600, 000 to the meat packing plant. According to Document D, there was ” meat that had tumbled out on the floor, in the dirt and said just, where the workers had tramped and spit” (Doc D). It also states that ” thousands of RA TTS would race about” on the pile of dirty meat, and there would be ” handfuls of the dried d dung of rats” (Doc D). This kind of disgusting work ethic had many people sick and dying.

To get rid of the rats, the packers would put ” poisoned bread out for them”, an d hen after they would die, the dead rats, the poisoned bread, and the meat would all be pushed into the hoppers together (Doc D). It is disheartening that the workers of this industry did not care about this dirty contamination. These are Just some of the areas ones that I have made my decision to give the most amount ofmoneyto this Industry In hopes that they will make It Into a respectable operation. With this money, they wool be able to rebuild a new company making it more reliable and cleaner for the people.