Print ad analysis

Printed Advertisement Analysis by I have decided to analyze the advertisement of one of the most popular and the most recognized producers of jeans in the world-Levi Straus. His Levi`s is not just an element of outfit, it is the symbol of style and quality wanted by young people all over the world. That is why obviously the target auditory of the brand consists of teenagers and young adults who value attractive and sexy look, freedom, and probably punk style of life. Visual images created by the brand thus must appeal to these people directly evoking strong emotions and lust for challenges and adventures in them. The advertisement I have chosen is just like that- it depicts a company of three friends driving a cabriolet in some desert like area and having fun. They are screaming, shouting, and singing drunk with new possibilities.
I have noticed that the whole advertisement presupposes motion as all the people on the image are moving. A young boy in his twenties is evidently spending time with his two friends in a trip to the ocean. The advertisement can be interpreted as a call to adventures and taking risks because youth is what usually pushes people to try something new all the time. The motto of the whole Levi`s campaign is “ I will not sit at home collecting dust” and by this slogan the brand explains that it creates roadwear –the clothes perfect for movement and ready for any challenges like getting dirt ad washing. If we recall that jeans were initially invented as the trousers for cowboys so they had to be extremely long lasting, than it is getting clear why Levi`s has chosen such style. The time when men were riding wild young horses and felt adrenalin in their blood has passed. Today many young people prefer the comfort of their bedrooms to real adventures. That is why Levi`s creating the advertisement which visually appeals to movement, changes, and challenges wants to recall young people what they were made for.
Another noticeable element of the advertisement is the spirit of friendship. There are two boys and one girl in the car and they are literally on the same wave of future adventures. Levi`s emphasizes this team spirit on all images of their campaign- people ready to share time and emotions together, ready to have joy and support each other in critical situations. What stops most of us from going on a long trip around the country? The absence of a good company mostly. And Levi`s tries to show that it is rather easy to find those who will be there for you especially is your share common tastes in fashion.
Therefore, Levi`s as a wise and well-known brand knows how to hit its target auditory. Levi`s produces jeans that do not require advertisement it seems. But is also turns out that young people who are supposed to buy these clothes of the best quality have substituted real adventures with virtual reality in their computers. And by this advertisement depicting young, free, moving and beautiful boys and girls Levi`s tries to make its target auditory want new challenges. Levi`s positions its jeans as a compulsory element of a road trip except good mood and lust for life.