Press release assignment

Fly Away Airlines Jim Stevenson FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: (206) 123-3567 Fax: (206) 123-3569 Email: Jimsteves@flyaway. com RESPONSIBILITY IN REGARDS TO THE RECENT FLIGHT DELAYS
Fly Away Airlines takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for Losses and Inconveniences for Mishandling the CHICAGO CITY Crisis
Fly Away Airlines takes full responsibility for any loss and inconvenience experienced following the cancellation or delays of its flights from the city of Chicago on 11 July, 2014. The occurrence in the past week that led to the cancellation of 200 flights was unfortunate in every way, yet the way it was handled by the airline company was even worse. Throughout the period, insensitively, no statement was released by the airline leading to customers feeling mishandled. The company acknowledges its lack of preparedness for the disaster that saw customers being inconvenienced. The airline takes full responsibility of the delays and the consequent cancellations, and refrains from blaming the weather.
The company issues a statement of apology concerning the same. This comes together with a flight voucher worth $500 to all who either missed or had their flights delayed during and immediately after the storm. The company issues further apology for its slow reaction towards sorting out accommodation for those who spent the night in Chicago. The company will compensate those who had issues related to accommodation and will pay for their hotel and related expenses. Claims for such can be filed online through the company’s website: simply go to FlyAway. com and click on the reimbursement tab.
A statement by the company’s, CEO Mr. Jordan, stated in part, “ We have learned from our mistakes, and will do everything in our power to only deliver the very best in service and on time performance. Anything less than that is unacceptable.” Customers can expect high quality services from the company as a matter of right. An assessment to verify what went wrong will be conducted to avoid similar occurrences in the future.