Precis on placebo effects of marketing actions assignment

Marketing action is one of the most influential factor in dominating the consumer’s buying preference. In this reading, the effect on the consumers were tested based on their perception and experience of a product. This creates a placebo effect on the behavior of the respondents’ expectation that were informed of a product at a discounted price against with those of purchased at the regular price. The marketing action focusing mainly on the given price altered the effectiveness of a product due to the consumer’s belief and impression.

This was proved to happen in an unconscious manner with which occurs automatically upon hearing of the price difference. An experiment was conducted to further prove of this study. For the first variant, the product was introduced as cheaper compared to its original price and was anticipated that the respondents’ result would be less effective for them though actually the same product was given on both sides. On the other experiment, and exposure to strong advertising claim was greatly influenced; upraising the effect that greatly present a positive result.

It is believed that the consumers’ beliefs and expectations are influenced in making thier judgement of a product. The relationship between the price and objective indications of quality product is directly connected to each other. This means that a product with lower price is associated with lower quality. One concrete example mentioned is the test on giving an energy drink that inreases the mental activity of a person.

Those of which who were informed to be bought at a discounted price would less likely be able to solve problems thus, would only be able to finish fewer puzzle problems. Also, those product encorporate with a favorite brand label would gain more preference than those of unlabeled or generic one. Similarly, optimizing a product of putting “ 75% fat-free” sign is better than the indication of “ containing 25% fat. ” In my opinion, consumers nowadays are being greatly affected by media which in the study is shown as an advertising strategy.

Also, people are are being intelligent enough and tend to evaluate so much thinking that a product would not lower down its price unless either it is already an old stock which lessens the product’s effectivity or either the ingredients a product is made is really of lower quality thus, generating less effectivity as well. The idea of the journal title saying “ Consumers May Get What They Pay For” is actually a self-dependent result. High expetations only arise with more expensive things than those of cheaper ones in order to get the value of what they paid for.

The mentality of the people which improves their condition or the therapeutic claim they get is just actually the placebo effect of their perception. In conclusion, the study’s approach is simply saying that beliefs and expectations provided by the marketing actions such as price change and strong advertising claim produces a great impact on the placebo effect which is the behavioral factor of the consumers that changes the actual value of the product.