Powwow highway movie review sample

This is a comedy-drama movie that was based on David Seals’ novel of the same title. The movie featured a number of well-known actors of the time including Gary Farmer, A Martinez, Wyss Amanda, and Romero Joanelle. With regard to the plot, the movie is a tale of two Cheyenne men roaming from Montana to New Mexico. Bow Red Buddy (Martinez) is displayed as an individual with a high temper, according to whom the journey seems to be a real one. However, his sister gets arrested, and being her only close family, he is forced to assist her to find her way out. Having no any other means of transport, Buddy is forced to accept a ride from Philbert Bono (Gary Farmer), who is on a spiritual journey on his 1964 Buick.
However, Buddy seems to be irritated with Philbert’s easygoing and endless stops to meditate. Nevertheless, the two men came to learn on how to accommodate each other as they progress with their journey. Perhaps, Buddy realizes that blaming his companion will only be a distraction from his objective or mission. The two are displayed as funny and warm characters, but very sensitive.
Arguably, the quality of the film is amazing as per its time of production. In addition, the way Philbert has been portrayed in Gary Farmer is a wonderful characterization. In addition, Greene Graham was exceptional in his Vietnam vet role. Lastly, A Martinez personality was well suited in the part he played. Overall, the movie was well acted and directed from the beginning to the end. The choice of characters was done correctly.