Posting information about you

2. The founder of Wikipedia has a noble mission – to share all the world’s information with everyone everywhere, anytime. In what ways has this mission been successful? In what ways has it not been successful?
Wikipedia has been successful in its mission in sharing all the world’s information as it has become one of the leading sources of information about just anything. Research became easier because Wikipedia is very accessible and able to provide quick information about almost anything at the language that is easily understandable.
Wikipedia is also a victim of its own success, however. Privilege information such as security information about the state and information about diplomatic assessments were leaked into the public which compromises the security of a country and relationship between nations.
3. Is email dead for teenagers? Explain.
Email is dead for teenagers. Given the alternatives for email which are networking sites, chatrooms, and text messages, teenagers find email to be boring and slow. Teenagers these days are used to quick information and communication which email lags behind compared to its counterparts in digital communication. In addition, the email does not provide entertainment and variety which is critical among teenagers in engaging in any digital platform.