Positive effects of television

Television is one of the most influential forms of media today. Almost everyone in the whole world has television sets in their households and spends quality time in front of the TV. However, most people (especially the conservatives) think that television does more harm than good. But that may not be the case. Recent studies have shown that watching television may have a positive effect on the audience. Marie-Louise Mares showed in her paper that watching programs with prosocial content brings about positive attitudes (Mares, 2005).

She said that this is due to the fact that programs with prosocial content show desirable behaviors and people tend to imitate what is depicted in the program. Moreover, they tend to think that what is depicted in the program is morally right. For example, when a teenager watches a program that shows other teenagers making fun of others, they will imitate this behavior because not only that they think it is fun, but they think that it is right.

On the other hand, when he watches a program that values family, for example, he will also show respect for his parents, brothers and sisters because it is his observation of what is right. Another positive effect of television has a great impact on children. Another study by Aletha C. Huston showed that television can enhance a child’s intellectual development (” Television Can Enhance Children’s Intellectual Development, Study Finds”).

In their study, they found out that when children watch educational programs often enough, the lessons and values taught in these programs have lasting effect on them. Given this kind of programming, one learns through something he likes to do. Television has a positive effect even in sports. Through sports programs, television builds a fan support which leads to the motivation of a team (” Positive Effects of Television on Sport”).

Career developments of sports players are shown in television that inspires fan into achieving their own dreams. Also, watching these sports shows gives fans a sense of pride when they watch their team win in the game. Contrary to popular beliefs, watching television is not bad after all. There are certain programs that bring out positive behavior from people. That is, television, instead of its notorious reputation of bringing out negative effects on people, it can actually be a tool for education and motivation, especially on young minds.


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