Picasso: cubism art technique

I have studied Picasso work because it is simply spectacular. The way he makes the cubists painting is amazing, he can show more than Just one viewpoint in a single angle which makes the painting that much better because It Is like an entire book In a single plectrum. The layers and colors that express the emotions of this Weeping Woman are shown so clearly. The expression ‘Cry my eyes out’ She literally cries her eyes out, they pop out of the eye socket.

Cubism is a type of art technique that allows you to see more than one viewpoint of he picture from Just a single angle; so you see the emotions that she is expressing. By 1937 the great Weeping Woman’ was established byPablo Picasso. He made this picture as a representation of a weeping woman living in Spain during thecivil war. Picasso was from Spain although he lived in France; he wanted to express his feelings and perspective on how the civil war has affected those living there.

The Weeping Woman displays what it clearly states, a sad, a weak and worried woman howeverI believestrongly that there Is more to this than Just being sad. The first feature I notice Is her eyes. The way the both engage towards the audience as they were looking at someone and telling them to feel her pain as so the people of Spain. As well as this, her eyes seem to be falling out of her sockets, which could suggest that she has been ‘crying her eyes out* this is linked to the civil war reaction that Picasso is trying to show the audience.

Following this, it has come to my attention that beneath her eyes are running tears displayed in cold colors, he has used cold lords to imply that this is not warm a warm and cheerful painting, in fact he wants to make her look isolated and alone. The running tears look endless as they have been thee for a long time and have frozen so therefore they have become like freezing Icicles leaving her with sore eyes. The woman’s mouth is drooping down whilst belting an extremely distressed tissue at the same tale. Hills action of the Weeping Woman connotes that she Is either anxious or nervous, on top of that the coloring of the tissue is the same colors as the tears: this may be because the issue holds many tears andmemoriesshe cannot let go of. The coloring of her skin is varied between yellow and green, which could propose that she may be ill or feeling sick, anxious or nervous because of hearing bad news to do with the civil war. This links to her clothing as she is wearing all black, which symbolizes death, and that maybe she will be attending a funeral.

Her clothing including her hat suggests that she is very wealthy. Finally the background is emblematic of the Spanish flag, which resents hispatriotismto his country, this shows that Picasso still has connections with Spain even though he is living in France. My favorite type of art Is Abstract mainly because you can take something so simple and distort It to make It something no one has ever discovered. This Is why I truly love the Weeping Woman because In my pollen It displays pure Imagination, individuality and a unique interpretation of art seen from his eyes.

Following this I angles and viewpoints onto a flat piece of paper really makes you stop and think bout what he is trying to portray through his work; it doesn’t Just present itself it lets you see the portrait from the point of view you like best. My cubist painting could consist of only 3 things. Half of my face would be red for my bad (devil) side and blue half of my face, for the calm chilled (angel) side. And my final point could be a complete dark black background, this symbolizes that there is absolutely nothing there, so there is nothing that can get in my way of what I can achieve.