Peugeot advertisement

If a compact car is your interest, then you need to check out the Peugeot 206. The Peugeot 206 is world renowned. You will find it just about everywhere around the globe. The Peugeot 206 offers a choice of two petrol engines, a 1. 4 litre 8-valve or 1. 6 litre 16-valve engine. There is an option of a highly efficient HDi 70 diesel or the powerful HDi 110 diesel. There is a choice, depending on the engine you choose, of either a manual or Tiptronic transmission – which is a Porsche 4-speed automatic.

The Tiptronic has three programme modes to suit your different driving styles. The interior of the Peugeot 206 is elegant and comfortable, roomy and designed to be fun to drive. With air-conditioning, a 60/40 rear seat, and a height adjustable steering column and driver’s seat its a comfy ride. There are a variety of stereo options and seat coverings, power windows and many other standard features. The Peugeot 206 well reliable for safety features too, with Anti-lock brakes, Brake Force Distribution and Emergency Brake assist.

This dynamic safety means that stopping in all conditions will not be a problem. There are automatic hazard lights that turn on automatically if you brake emergency. This is a dinky feature that helps to warn other drivers of potential hazards. Driver and passenger airbags inflate in relation to the intensity of the impact. Side and curtain airbags also aid occupant protection. Pre-tensioned seatbelts with a force limiter will hold you securely in the event of an unfortunate accident. Step into the Peugeot 206 and feel the difference.

This is an economical, fun and sporty car to drive. Analysis India is consider in a third world country even though some of the people acknowledge it would be classed as a developing country. It has a Western-style infrastructure and the technology, wealth and know how to function as an advanced state. It’s also rapidly becoming a leader in Asian financial markets and industries. But the gap in India between rich and poor is far greater than in most Western nations, with little being done to try and close this gap.

Indian society is extremely unequal, with little being done to ease the lot of the nation’s poverty-stricken majority, and international relief agencies being required to operate in rural parts of the country. With all of this corruption in the country, political and social structure slowly growing. Until this changes happen, India will remain classed as a third world country. As the starting of TVC appear a scenery of a man from behind sitting on a bench, from view that has been seen in the first scene, it to show the environment, activities and the way of life that surrounds him.

This clearly from the scene, to show that him is a from lower class people. Prove to show that his from a lower class is clothing, building, activities such as people selling food in the dustiest area. As the man vision and analyse the surrounding of his life and he look deeply at his car, imagining how it is possible for a man like him to archive a better car from what he has right now. Due to the current class he is. It is impossible for him to buy a new car. After a while he get the idea on how he want to achieve it.

He put an a hard work and dedication to his car by crashing his car from the front and back at the wall, ignoring people on how people looking at him and he continue his work. Also, he command elephant to sit on his front hood car. After that he put an all night afford on crafting his car in detail. The out come of his action, just to get the same design car that his obtain from a brochure, Which is Peugeot 206. From the work that has been done, just to get the same design of the car. By crashing his car front and back and commanding an elephant to sit on his car because metal are hard to bend and shape.

From the scene suddenly appear an elephant, even though it meant to bend the front hood, it also meant to show the culture of Hindus. When come to elephant it devotes complete obedience to the master, his eyes are small, as he does not use the eyes of the physical body, but the eyes of the spirit. He has large ears, as he listens more than he speaks. He informs all the others about the dangers he encounters in his path towards enlightenment, and finally, when he needs to accomplish a certain task, physical pain, tiredness, hunger and thirst are no obstacles for him.

From this facts about elephant it appear in a man putting his hard work developing his car into his desire design to his car. After finishing his car design, he drive it to a party with a feeling and expression proud in him as he pass by, the girl look at him with a smile and the guys feel intimidate with his brand new car design work. Psychology work on girls mind that a beautiful car means he have money, without knowing that him from a lower class. The last expression of his face, show how proud of him because people acknowledge him. Conclusion

No matter what is the background or lifestyle of the people, Peugeot 206 is the most world renowned car in the world and it is the dream car and its most affordable price that can be purchase by any classes of people. From the TVC it shows how the man really wants his dreams car. With the thing he done to get , it show in a term of comedy, the most shown comedy is in the last scene when he drive his car with his proud face. So with comedy it intent to eye catch the heart of the target audience. Also with the hard work shown from the man make the target audience wonder how great this car and this will lead the people to survey about the car.