Personal professional ethics

Personal Professional Ethics ‘ Ethics in safety, compassion and competence for a nurse’ Becoming an outstanding nurse is my future dream in career and I am currently pursuing my nursing study in preparation for this. However, I have come to appreciate the critical essence of upholding ethics in nursing as a profession. Principal to my profession is the essence of relations, human dignity as well as the essence of collaboration with colleagues for effectiveness in delivering nursing care to patients and such other persons who are in want of the services of a nurse. Nurturing and caring will be my focus as I deliver on my clients as professionally, nursing teaches on the essence of care and nurturing as against curing of diseases; ‘ Safety, compassion and competence for a nurse’.
Among other basic ethical principles that will guide my nursing practice are the following three ethical framings.
Ethics in safety: It is an ethical principle that a professional nurse observes all measures in ensuring that the safety of patients is observed. I am committed to ensuring that right medical prescriptions are observed whenever I will be attending to patients on prescriptions.
Ethics in compassion: I strongly believe that every person at one time or another requires compassion and especially when in pain while sick or emotionally unstable. As a practicing nurse, I am committed to ensuring that sincerity in consoling patients and rendering compassion when necessary is observed.
Ethics in competence: Nursing, just as any other profession requires competence in service to human beings. I am committed to embracing and observing that my service is beyond reproach, as nursing professional ethics requires from me.
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Nursing profession is run under a set of predefined ethical code of conduct and this explains my ethic statement. According to Canadian registered nurses code of ethics, the nursing profession has distinct responsibilities and ethics explains the code of conduct by practicing nurses that would be acceptable (“ Canadian Nurses Association”, 2008). From the nursing values, I singled out the three responsibilities (‘ Safety, compassion and competence for a nurse’) to form my ethics statement. This is informed by the great passion that explains my choice for a career in nursing. Through studies, I have come to learn that a nurse is ethically required to ensure that his/her patients are safe through ensuring that safety comes before any other thing in practice. Safety can be observed by ensuring right prescriptions of medicine as well as observing healthy living conditions. On the other hand, it is almost sure that patients would seek nursing care for such chronic diseases as cancer and HIV and Aid, which necessitate that compassion, be part of the nurse. Ethically, compassion may improve the quality and value of life for many patients even without treatment hence the commitment to observing compassion. Finally, excellence is a virtue and every person in any field pursues to realize. It is unethical to practice nursing without observing the nursing principles and the knowledge learnt while studying. It is therefore an ethical expectation that practicing nurses would be competitive and hence this forms part of my ethical statement.
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