Personal persistence narrative essay sample

There is several things that I would have to say I have had to use to make sure that I have continued on the course of action in spite of obstacles and that I have had to use to maintain my focus. Just to name a couple of obstacles that I have had to overcome being injured while I was in the United States Army, dealing with the everyday pain from those injuries, making the decision to go back to school and get my degree, maintaining a grade point average of better than a 3. 0 and that is just a couple the list could go on and on. When i got injured I knew that my army career and life was over but I didn’t let this stop me from doing everything that I could I had to dig down deep within me and say I may walk with a cane for the rest of my life but I am not going to stop me. The pain that I have been dealing with and will continue to deal with for the better part of my life is a constant uphill battle but, one thing that I use to overcome this is I tell myself when it gets so bad I cant even get out of bed the pain is there to tell me and show me that I am still alive and that my children need me.

When it came to going back to school it was a no brainer but still a battle inside me. I didn’t know if I could do it. I had been out of school for 13 years but I knew I was tired of dead end jobs and that it is what my family needed me to do to provide for them. So the thought of my wife and kids is what I used to get me to go back to school and get a degree. Finally with maintaining a grade point average of 3. 0 or better has been my goal since I started. There have been ups and downs but I know that if I keep up my grade point average then I may be able to get a better job than if I just skate by and just go for the bare minimum. Over all I would have to say that my level of persistence is average and I say this due to the fact that I am a firm believer that you can always better yourself. By striving to always better yourself you will always see the world as a glass half full not a glass half empty. Also the people around you will do the same because I feel that it is contagious when people see you strive to do your best they also will strive to do their best.