People’s character is influenced by environment rather by genetics essay sample

Nature is when a person is influenced by the inherited genes and nuture is when a person is influenced by the environment and surroundings. One example of nature would b when a person has brown haircolor naturally and that person nurtures it by changing the color to black. clearly the black hair color was inherited by the parents , an example of nature and the newly adapted black color was the influence of environment , an example of nuture. So nature and nurture are two different things and its persons choice which one he wants to portray. This debate has been ever controversial. there is no clear answer to the dispute; however , there are many hypotheses. One of them is that , nature is the genetically inherited traits but environment enhances it more and helps develop a person. This is the theory in which I believe in . A person inherits all he has, from his parents and then learns more from the environment around him. This is the complete and proper cycle of a person’s development. Although both nature and environment affect our lifestyle , the influence is usually greater then other. This might vary from people to people, however, some people might have been more influenced by environment.

The people who are influenced mainly by nature are the ones who chose to take their values from their parents. The ones that are influeced by environment are people who usually take their trends from the environment around them. Nature really influences my life greatly . This is reflected by my own personality. If I got to a new place I m not overwhelmed by the environment and start adapting new things. I know my values and stick to my own way of living . If all the people around me start doing something I don’t like then I wil not do it . it is simple for me to make decisions in my life. I know whats the difference between good or bad as I have learned from my parents. It is also because the environment around doest fascinate me anymore. If one of my friends start smoking and he asks me to do it too. I will not do it, because I know it is not good for my health.

Similarly if all the people around me start changing their hair colors and according to my values it is not a very good idea, I wil stick to it. I will not break the rules and guidelines I have built for myself by looking at my parents. So , basically it is a person’s choice to either adapt nature or nuture. NO one wil tell themor force them to make their own opinion , because it is their opinion . They have to think about it and make a selection . Definitely everyone is not influenced by nature only or environment only; there is a blend of both in every person. That is same case with me . Certainly , I wil learn things from people in environment around me but in my opinion I m more influenced by nature than environment. I know according to my values, what to pick and adapt from the environment and I wil not adapt everything that all the people do , I have to make wise choice to succeed in life.