Paradox essay

Michael Seamen wrote People of Paradox based on the United States story, culture, and politics, as a paradox and making it tie together all the themes and facts in the American government. He lists his analysis of the many paradoxes that riddle American life. He often observes that the American people expect their leaders to be ” Every man and Superman” which he elaborates that our society is so pluralistic that we expect our leaders to be all things to all people. But not one individual can possibly be everything; not one can be the villain and the hero.

With that paradox of ” Every man and Superman” shows how our society is contradicting itself because it’s not Seibel to be both or even all. Its what America runs off of and the idea that our leaders should make us all happy, which isn’t the case, nor will society make it that way. Although Seamen had strong ideas that showed how paradoxes govern American society, it is often opinionated that the ambivalent structure of people is the reason that society can’t all agree on one thing.

It has been the impulse of our egalitarianism to make all people alike, but because of our social order and intolerance to accentuate differences among groups this cannot be achieved. Paradoxes also show how people are often diverse. Its important to cooperate commongoalsas a society to create a stabilized life, and I agree that having paradoxes truly do help make that happen.

It sticks in people’s minds and makes them conjure up their own opinions and ideas on how certain paradoxes can govern their own life and what it means to that person individually. In conclusion, paradoxes govern American life in many different ways. We use them to govern our society and to govern ourselves. It lists to moral concept of how America should be understood. It shows the essential need to be understood even though we as people are often misunderstood.

And with that paradox, it just shows how we are not perfect. We live in a society with flaws and aspirations. Not everyone can be fulfilled, but showing your individuality puts you apart from everyone else keeping your mind sane and having your own creed beliefs. Though we are only human, our government leaders are not perfect and are only as ambiguous as the rest of society, its our job to get through life knowing what you personally believe in.