Oz/management information systems

Oz/Management Information Systems, 6th edition Part Case Projects Part 1, “ The Information Age” 1. Review the Gardeners+ part- and chapter-opening cases. Make a list of the inputs, processing, and outputs the owners must do. Now, armed with your list, go online to research a computer system—computer, printer, and any peripheral equipment—that you think will meet Gardeners+’s needs. Place that information in a spreadsheet that could be attached to the “ Financial” section of Gardeners+’s business plan.

Remember, the banker will review the plan to determine the business’s funding needs. 2. Gardeners+ constantly needs to review its business to come up with new ideas to compete in the gardening business. Review Figure 2. 1 on page 43 of the book, which lists eight ways to gain a competitive advantage. You, Amanda, Mary, and Ed will be meeting to generate some strategic plans for maintaining Gardeners+’s existing business and expanding into new areas. Do some research online or in business magazines to see howtechnologyis being used in the gardening industry.

Brainstorm some new uses for technology, too. For example, restaurants could give customers electronic menus and allow them to check items off electronically on a tablet PC. Come up with two new ideas for Gardeners+ to remain competitive. 3. Chapter 3 focuses on the use of information technology in various business functions. Review the business functions that Gardeners+ needs to carry out and make a list. Go online to research an application that will support as many of Gardeners+’s functions as possible. Explain why you believe this application is a good choice.