Overweight kids

now a days kids drink and eat sugar like its water! its a shame! I’m 16 years old and yeah of course i eat and drink sugar. who doesn’t? but there should be a lI’mit. i watch how much sugar i have and i also play sports to stay active. kids are getting so unhealthy due to sugar its terrible.

you would think they care about there health sugar makes you break out, gain weight, and fill down and lazy. parents need to put a foot down on this situation. since their kids are getting all this sugar in them they may exercise but it wont help them one hundred percent. going into middle school is already tuff but I’magine being a little on the heavy side. getting made fun of all the tI’me, I’m sure it sucks! there are kids out there all over the world committing suicide due to bullying over children’s weigh.

yeah its sad that you have to worry about other kids bringing you down because of your weight. yeah its sad that you have to worry about other kids bringing you down because of your weight. but for me i would take it as a reason to prove people wrong and it would make me want to watch my weight. i definitely wouldn’t want my son or daughter getting made fun of. some parents don’t care or wont be able to tell there kids not to drink mountain dew or lay off the skittles or every other sugary drink or candy or food. its like they don’t want to be the bad one but sometI’mes that’s all it takes to open your child’s eyes.

its sad if you’re a parent think how unhappy and how uncomfortable you would be if you were over weight due to sugar, something you can prevent from happening. yeah i agree though mountain dew, candy and everything sugar is good but take control of it. health and weight is a big issue in today’s world of kids. i don’t know what people could do to stop kids from eating sugar which is why i think their needs to be a law. you shouldn’t have sugar for 1.

unless you are 15 and active in sports or 2. diabetic. i know there will never be a law passed for that which is why i think its I’mportant for parents to take control of the lI’mit there child takes in (eats). if a law was passed where you couldn’t have candy till age 15 businesses would go out of business so if you must eat and drink sugar make a lI’mit on it and also be physically active don’t just sit and watch TV or the sugar will defiantly get to you, because it will make a difference in the end on how you feel health wise and how you feel emotionally. no one putting you down, your life would be so much better in multiple different ways.

PARENTS still need to TAKE A STAND!