Out of the norm (breaching experiment)

Breaching experiments are most commonly associated with ethnomethodology, a Breaching Experiment is an experiment that seeks to examine people’s reactions to violations of commonly Accepted social rules or norms. Norms are defined as the expectations, or rules of behavior, that Develop out of values. For this Project, I was required to violate a norm. Basically doing Something ” out of the ordinary” it’s not common at all in society, in this project we’ll find out What is people reaction by recording myself doing something that calls their attention like what I Did in this project. Asking people around the mall for “ HUGS & KISSES” or saying randomly “ Hi”, to them pretending I know them for a while, at the time I start developing my experiment Was difficult for me to keep a straight Face while doing it.

The reaction of individuals at the beginning of this experiment was negative and doubtful, Not all dared to give me a hug, out of the obvious fear of the camera, many had not clear What was my purpose of giving hugs so they preferred to continue with their walking Ignoring me at all, but certainly that didn’t stop me to continue researching more looks and Reactions.

As well as there were people who rejected me, there were many people affordable, who gave me a warm host smile and definitely my hug. It is impressive how within a few hours of doing this Project I carefully analyze and determine the acceptances and denials of society by doing Something out of the ordinary on a typical and current day.

At home I created a colorful poster to call attention of the pedestrians, it was rare for me to say to People that “ Hugs and Kisses” were given away as it’s obviously this kind of experimentations Is not common at all, but that is what this experiment was about, as you seen in the video not All people react to our proposals same way so, many run away, others ended up agreeing by Being intimidated by a camera, others for being seen well to the others, many did not wanted to Do it, others felt happy and congratulated me as intensive because of my project, others were Frightened.

In fact I received positive and negative critiques, Talking about genres it as an Advantage for us as girls by received the opposite gender immediately acceptance which is a Positive response, in relation to the women they were restricted somewhat by noticing our Presence, but it was certainly a charming and fun project. Worth to mention that learning and Enjoying, what you do, is what really matters.

When you are a participant in this class of experiments, you experience reactions from people Directly. From all this we learn that the criteria for each person must be respected not necessarily Being all of us alike, our way of thinking varies, leading us to think and act according to what is Taught to us, what we see and experience every day in our different cultures. Now days, in many Countries they do not use physical contact as a way of greeting or cordiality meaning that it Wouldn’t be right to go against the rules that have already been implemented and established in Their cultures.

Then, how about people whom beliefs are only based in what society thinks and implement with The past of the time, without letting them create their own criteria?

Well these people live daily a routine guided by the rest, and their way of seeing things is totally According to what society thinks is right or not although often have radical changes are not Really common sense to many of the individuals.

Whether you way you think or believe in things is based on society or the rest of the people.. You are the owner of your criteria, accept the new changes around, adapt yourself and also opt to Implement what you think and believe is right for the growth of cultural knowledge of society in Which we live.