Organizational foundations research paper examples

The organization I wish to evaluate is my own, which is a private family health care general practice. The organization’s mission is to serve the needs of its community, to ‘ do no harm,’ and to provide the best of care to our patients. Our vision is to become the primary health care providers of as many patients in our area as possible, as well as to provide as many positive outcomes for visits and procedures we participate in with our patients. The organization’s values are first and foremost to health, safety, privacy, discretion and dedication to our patients. Our organization’s values are evidenced greatly by our leaders and fellow nurses, as we always work to make sure we are patient, good listeners, and effective practitioners of nursing and medical practice. We have had few to no claims of malpractice or patient complaints in the decade this practice has been open, and we strive to maintain evidence-based practice as best we can.
The organizational culture of the practice is informed by its organizational climate, which provides the factors that contribute to (and quantify) the culture of the organization. The organizational culture we have is very caring and results-oriented, due to the dedication our primary GP has to offering positive outcomes to our patients (establishing the organizational culture of the practice). This climate of hard work and taking our job seriously paints us as a practice that is not as jovial or disarming as other practices. As a nurse leader, I believe it is important to differentiate between organizational climate and culture because understanding the climate that leads to the organizational culture allows nurses and practitioners to change the climate in order to determine best practices, and shape the culture as a result.


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