One single thing can produce two different perceptions

The paper ” One Single Thing Can Produce Two Different Perceptions” is a good example of an English essay. Life is extremely subjective, as it is unique to each and every person who perceives it. The components of life have different appearances and meanings to different people who have different cultural backgrounds and past experiences. The writing assignment I completed serves as an example of the way that one single thing can produce two very different perceptions. Seeing two lovers in the park can evoke very positive emotions in someone who is currently in a happy relationship, but seeing those same two lovers in the same park can evoke very negative emotions in someone who just found out their partner was cheating on them. The difference in emotions could even be as simple as whether the viewer is in a good mood or not, or perhaps what the viewer’s parents taught them about the appropriateness of public displays of affection. The knowledge I learned from doing this assignment will help me develop my skills as a writer because now I know that I can create different angles of vision that may or may not always reflect my own, personal background, based on what types of language and writing techniques I use. Even though I personally think that serenading is a traditional and very romantic way to express love, I was able to put myself in the position of someone who would turn their nose at that kind of thing. As a writer, I have the ability to make readers see situations through the angle of vision I want them to see through.