Office attendance at field law

Office Attendance at Field Law After a number of theoretical work, it is always prudent that take a field trip to visit some of the firms whose operations fall within the scope of their studies. This should complement summer field attachments. These types of visits help place the student in the shoes of the employee of a given firm and thus comes to one on one interaction with the daily hustles of the working environment. This is exactly what happened over the weekend when the class took a trip to the Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in the city of London. The interaction with the staff in the firm offered an eye opening experience in view of the daily occurrences of a big internationally recognized law firm. The visit took place on a working day and from observations and the questions asked revealed lots of insights in the operations of a law firm. The ladies and the gentlemen were all officially attired in either a suit or an official pair of pants and shirts. This type of decorum reveals that first of all order begins with how one carries himself out. Miss Liz McCarthy said that the official attire is the required attired by the courts. She said that in every field, there must be a way of doing things and in the court scenario the way was being official. And this was the case even in the staff’s attempts to keep time and their language. Each and every speaker tried to summarize their presentation within the stipulated time. Miss Lynnette Bruce, the public relations officer of the firm echoed ms Liz sentiments saying that the way the office is arranged, how the employees carry themselves out on their day to day activities tells a lot about the institution. The Fresh fields Bruckhaus Derringer being a law firm had the obligation of letting their clients read confidence and victory in the staff even before the case is taken to the court. She said that the way that employees are treated and how they carried themselves out even in their private live always told a lot about the firm. So her office did a lot in ensuring that the employees are motivated and looked vibrant and all times. To ensure that the employees’ private lives were in order the firm ensures that the families are invited to periodic dinner treatments and those employees undergoing difficulties in their private live would always be offered therapeutic services at the firm’s expense. The visit was fruitful to a large extent. It helped students get prepared for the real life that awaits them. It also revealed some of both the benefits and shortfalls of being a law practitioner. Some of the benefits as per Ms Liz include the pay. She says that law industry pays and one would afford whichever type of life him / her so wishes. In a joke she cracked she said that the fact that she will walk with a smile to the bank at the end of the month gives her strength to hope for yet another day at work. This explains the role of remuneration as a motivator. She also stressed on the positive impact that practicing law gets to have on one’s social life. The contacts one makes from the court cases would always prove helpful at some time in life. She said that most of her closest friends to this day were those she met during her daily interactions in the process of practicing law. The fact that an employee talks so happily and with lots of zeal about her work to a greater extent acted as motivator to the hopeful students. Some other insight to the study of law was the realization of the fact that lawyers or students who have graduated with degrees in law would always practice their knowledge in any other corporate firm as a legal adviser. This opens the field for employment to the hopeful students. Any other business firm out there be it a manufacturing plant, a football team, a chain store or just any other would always require legal advice and the best way would always be to permanently employ an attorney of their own. This revelation would be helpful to the students in that at the end of the academic year they are not obliged to only look for internships in law firms but would also do so in a corporate firm in the legal department. Some of the difficulties that lawyers face as elaborated by Ms. Lynnette included the deadlines to beat. She says that the firm has to be run in a tight schedule and the targets set be met. Lateness as she said would always mean loss to the client. If one needed to beat the plenty pile of work on the in trey, one needed to move with speed and beat the schedule as deemed necessary by the requirements and uniqueness of every case. She also stated the challenge that comes with the expectation of the client. Clients come to law firms expecting to be free at the end of the sittings and the outcomes of the cases would always determine the progress and reputation of both the firm and the individual lawyers. This she says is a challenge as this is not always the case in most of the cases. A case would go either way, but a client would always feel hurt should they get indicted. So she explains that this require lots of psychological preparedness on the parts of both the client and the attorney or lawyer. The firm also tries as much as possible to always merge victorious in most of the cases that the firm is contracted to represent as this boosts the public relation of the firm. She therefore encouraged that students should not get frightened by this as this would always come naturally as a result of plenty of experience in the field. But a word of caution to the student was on the need of them being efficient managers of their time so as to be successful law practitioner. Another great challenge that comes with practicing law is that some of those that the representations go against would always turn into personal enemies of either the judge at the sitting or the lawyer representing the victorious party. This explains the security details that are always accorded to the judges. This trend always put the lives of private attorneys in great danger. But as the explanations went an attorney is not to give some of the information pertaining to his or her social and private life anyhow. Lots of secrecy is required in the practice and to add to this the practicing attorney are always allowed to carry with themselves little arms of ammunition for protection. But as explained this requires plenty of caution and restrain as any misuse of the arm would lead to the attorney being charged in a court of law and his license revoked. The study and practice of law is interesting, fun and indeed pays. The little challenges that lawyers and/or those engaged in the practice face are minimal compared to the benefits of the same. Each and every profession has its own pitfalls and just as any other, law happened to had those. In the thank you letter the class is to send back to the hosting firm, it would be wise to indicate the fact that the visit and the insights given to the students by the staff was in deed inspiring and motivating. It should also encourage the entire institution to keep doing the same to other learning institution that would have similar interest of taking their students there. Works Cited Bennet, Steven. Arbitration: Essential Concepts. New York: Inclusive Media, 2002. Print. Garner, B. Black’s Law Dictionary 7th ed. London: st paul MN, 2007. Print. Spector, David. Arbitration and the Unauthorised Practice of Law. New York: McGraw, 2011. Print.