Objects of significance

Good morning
I hereby seek to express deep feelings regarding my objects of significance. I would wish to begin by giving the reasons why I carry these objects along with me every day or when am not hurrying to class. As I had mentioned during my first speech, when I was introducing myself to the class, I had no plans to attend CCQ during the five years after completing high school education. In fact, completion of high school education and joining the CCQ led to a separation from my closet friends. Most of these friends are currently attending schools in the city while others are studying abroad. Nevertheless, when we shared special moments during our school life with my best friends, some of them gave me these objects as a reminder of our friendship. In fact, I only get a chance to meet my best friends during the summer and winter break.
My prime objective to attend CCQ was to study and leave this place; thus, I never had any intentions to socialize with other students. Instead, I had chosen to spend all recreational time on my phone since I get the chance to chat with my high school friends. However, one of them has recently decided to join CCQ, but we barely get a chance to spend quality time together due to our inflexible schedules.
The bracelet keeps me closer to my friend despite the distance between us. On the other hand, this necklace was a gift on my birthday by another friend, who currently lives in Lebanon, and the necklace has the same value as the bracelet; thus, this gives a reason why these objects are of significance to me. Thank you.