Obesity Obesity is a self-induced problem that results from excessive consumption of food. Such problems can only be solved excellently on an individual basis. However, additional measures can be taken to discourage such eating habits.
The government runs the country and all affairs affecting its citizens. When obesity becomes a nationwide problem, then it also becomes the government’s problem. At such a stage, actions are far much better than words, the government should introduce sanctions to discourage people from being obese. They should be made to pay extra for medical insurance and hospital bills to cater for any emergencies that may arise due to their conditions.
In airplanes, they should be forced to buy double seats to allow them and other passengers to travel comfortably. Those who feel aggrieved by such radical measure should look for other means of transport or board a private plane
Redistributing and sharing of software
Is Jim being unethical? Why or why not?
Jim is ethical because he does not steal the software but he is rather given for the being a member of the BB network. Secondly, utilitarianism demands that people act on the basis of the greater good. In this setting, it is clear that the process of procurement of software by their company is hectic, and therefore to increase their efficiency Jim and his colleagues, they opt to download software. Lastly, by telling the truth to Thelma, Jim is ethical.
Is anyone being harmed? Who?
Thelma is being harmed because she her moral principles on copyrighted product are also being violated. In addition, the software companies lose sales because of such networks. Thus, Thelma and software companies are the major victims.
Are the people who download software from the BB being unethical? Why? Why not?
Having software in BB implies that people have the privilege of accessing or downloading them. Hence, these are acting ethically in the sense that they follow the required procedure to obtain software via BB. Further, it is the easiest or the fastest way to obtain software because it takes care of people who cannot afford to buy software. In addition, these people do not hack sites for software but rather share what they have between each other.
What is the companys stake in what is going on?
The company is already cultured to the usage of shared software. Most of the workers there use it and nobody has raised an issue about it.
What should Thelma do?
Thelma has a choice of either not associating with site if she feels it is unethical or be part of the network if she can justify the actions and values based on utilitarian principle. However, considering her first reaction she ought not join the network at all.