Nursing research and evidence-based practice

Evidence-based Nursing Practices of Evidence-based Nursing Practices An evaluation of the use, or lack thereof, of EBP in a recent clinical experience.
With development being noted within the field of nursing, it has been observed that it was only possible because evidence-based practice (EBP). Considerably, this imperative aspect has been diminished by few nursing institutions which have left adverse impact on the institutions as well as patients. Recent clinical practice underlying the treatment of cancer patients have raised concern and demanded EBP. The nodes in the cancer patients have been considered as an indication of remaining areas of infection within the body. With the lack of EBP, these nodes have not been reported by either scan because of patient’s critical situation after chemotherapy. There is an avid need of EBP to understand the pattern in which these issues have been causing severity (Polit & Beck, 2012).
2- Identify which aspects of the care delivered, if any, were based on evidence and provide your rationale.
The recent clinical experience also focused on the gland swelling after chemotherapy. However, EBP present in this area has rather allowed nurses to treat patients with protocol which cannot cause anymore rash to the glands because of excessive Taxol agents.
3- Critique how the policies, procedures, and culture in your organization may hinder or support the adoption of evidence-based practices.
As a matter of fact, my affiliation with my health care organization gives me a free hand to opt for EBP. The impression of EBP has relatively become very imperative. Policy makers would surely like to fund EBP because it is more likely to help the institution in a long run.
4- Identify the barrier you selected from the article and explain how this barrier could be overcome within your organization.
The barrier as discussed by Adams (2010) regarding utilization of research and survey is one which is being experienced at the institution as well (Adams, 2010). The approach to make sure that this barrier is not coming in the way is to provide a mandatory submission for staff regarding nursing practices. If research and survey will be obliged then it is expected that the trend of research and its utilization will become easier and relatively possible.
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