Number 2: individual assignment: data collection for ford motor company

February 24, Introduction Ford managed its business factors. The paper delves on the five economic factors. The paper focuses on Ford’s business performance. Ford profitably managed its business factors.
1. Ford hired 400 more workers in Canada to its Edge Crossover Model (Rogers, 2015).
2. Ford increased its quarterly Revenue by 20 % for its Class B Shares, $ 0. 15 per share (Stynes, 2015).
3. Ford is increasing the salaries of 500 employees; the rising customers’ demand for the Ford F 150 model prompted management to boost the employees’ morale by increasing their monthly take home pays (Vlasic, 2015).
1. Ford races to help people increase Ford vehicle fuel use to 54. 5 miles per gallon by installing turbo chargers (Holland, 2015).
2. Ford adheres to recalling some 3, 000 F350 and F550 Trucks having malfunctioning engine issues to appease customer complaints(AssociatedPress, 2015).
3. Ford company hire 900 new employees for its new manufacturing plant in Missouri to build the popularF150 vehicle, reducing unemployment in Missouri (AssociatedPress, Ford Motor Company to Add 900 Jobs at Missouri Pickup Plant, 2015).
1 The Ford Company officers funneled $800 million to help the current government when the fluctuating Venezuelan currency unfavorably changed; to resolve the political issue of currency valuation (AssociatedPress, Venezuelan Currency Problems Dent Fords Earnings, 2015).
2. Americas Ford Company President Mr. Hinrichs affirmed the company decided to shift its plans to set up its 1. 5 & 1. 6 liter motor car engine manufacturing plant from Canada to Mexico because of unfavorable Canadian government support (Owram, 2015).
3. Lastly, Ford Company sought £ 15 million financial support from the Wales government to rescue the company’s fuel engine facility from its current European bankruptcy –tainted net loss situation predicament (Denholm-Hall, 2015).
1. Accounting technology shift led to Ford’s unfavorable financial picture by changing the current application of accounting technology procedures to a more appropriate procedure when reporting business transactions leading to the significant 4. 5 percent decline in the company’s total reported revenues (Ramsey & Steele 2015).
2. Ford Company hired 125 more its information technology pool by hiring 125 IT experts; the Ford Palo Alto motor car manufacturing plant needs the new experts to boost its data analytics department (King, 2015).
3. Last, the Ford Company is investing in the Tencent Company’s popular chat message application to increase the customers’ use of messaging technology capacity of 100% of the company’s Vehicles sold in China; Drivers of the Ford vehicles can use the chat software to increase communication between the car drivers and their loved ones, company employees, and other individuals while driving the Ford motor vehicles along the busy city streets (Reuters, 2015).
1. Toyota’s Truck and SUV January 2015 sales rose 16 percent (AssociatedPress, 2015).
2. Similarly, low gasoline rates and the better economy made 2014 one of the best Toyota vehicle sales output periods (Kessler, 2015). 2.
3. Nissan favorably generated $856 million net profit during 2014’s 4th Quarter (AssociatedPress, Nissan Raises Profit Forecast After Sales Grow in U. S. Europe, 2015).
Accordingly, Ford effectively managed its business factors. All resources were funneled to manage the five factors. The competitors similarly fared well. Evidently, Ford Company effectively utilized its scarce resources to profitably manage its business factors.
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