No men are foreign

One should keep in mind that no human beings are distant, unfamiliar or far off. Underneath any colour of any soldier’s uniform belonging to any nation, another human being breathes the breath of life just like any other person. The land that even our political enemies walk upon is the same earth like our own native soil that one fine day in different timings we shall all be laid to rest. In times of war or peace, even our international foes undergo the same trials, the way our native population experience. They too, like us, enjoy the bright sunshine day, breathe the same air from the atmosphere and drink the same water available on earth to survive. All people feed abundantly on the prosperity of agriculture and farming and may even starve to death in times of war and food shortage during long drawn winters if not stored appropriately. They also house more of the hard-working people with busy hands to survive a decent income and living. They toil in the same manner that we do. Our enemies also have the same kind of eyes the way we do, eyes that see, sleep and wake. We both have physical strength that can be won by brute force and the strength of the heart that can be won by love. Every population of every nation in this world recognizes and understands the true essence of the common life of people. So let us all remember that whenever we are brainwashed and compelled to hate and kill our brothers, we only deceive, disown, betray and condemn ourselves to the curse of plaguing blood-thirsty arms against each other. When an imminent war between two hostile nations breaks out, it is our mother earth that we pollute to such an extent to create living hells of dust and fire that will violate the purity of our surroundings including our thoughts and actions. Both hostile nations will suffer the same fate of shedding innocent blood. The air gets polluted on both the countries. To prevent such a catastrophe, we should begin with ourselves to accept that ‘ no men are foreign and no countries strange’.