Native americans trailer feather war bonnet and tipi

The picture shows a headgear known as a war bonnet. The headdress has many feathers that make some kind of a tail which is long to the ground. The feathers are white and red in color and are very long. This headdress is similar to that worn by the read Indians or the Native Americans. In the background is a part of a structure that looks like a kind of a shelter. The structure looks like a tipi/tepee, which is a house that the Native Americans use for shelter. The house is seen to have sticks that have been decorated with red paint and seem to be used for supporting the structure. There is also a window which makes it possible to think that the tipi is placed inside a bigger room probably a tent, and thus maybe the structure is used to display the Native Culture.
Most of the time nowadays, this kind of a war bonnet is seen by the young generations during movies, because most of these native wears are not concentrated on in today’s societies. The Indian tribes associated with such headdress and housing includes the Sioux, Crow, and Blackfeet, Cheyenne, and Plains Cree. They are commonly found in the Great Plains region, which is concentrated with tribes of the Native Americans. A war bonnet is a very important attire worn during important ceremonies by the Native American chiefs and warriors. These headdresses are only worn by men in the Native American tribes, and especially during the fighting.
There are different kinds of war bonnets such as the Halo war bonnet, which is a combination of eagle feathers, spread out around the face and fashioned in an oval shape. There is another one which is known as the straight-up feather headdress; it is a taller, narrower and in this kind of headdress, the eagle’s feathers stand up straight. In the picture, the kind displayed is a trailer headdress. It is a headdress with single or double rows of eagle feathers designed in a long tail that touches the ground.
The tipis are houses used by the red Indians for shelter. Every Native American tribe had a different kind of tipi that would serve their needs and especially one that would suit their particular lifestyle. It looks like a cone-shaped wooden house. It is made of a wooden frame and is covered with hiding and especially with buffalo hide. Tipis are very easy to construct and also to bring down, as the tribes that use them are pastoralist, hence, they do not need permanent residence. They need shelters that are easy to move with, and tipis serve them best as the wooden sticks they use are normally very light in weight.
In conclusion, the whole picture is a clear representation of the culture of the Red Indians or the Native Americans in general. In today’s society, a lot has changed; most of the Native Americans are no longer living in those old-fashioned houses. The headdresses are still being used by the chiefs and warriors, but their significance has somehow gone down.