My views on patriotism

Jose Luna Mrs. Peterson English 12, P. 2 1/21/12PatriotismMany people think patriotism means supporting your government during times of war. I don’t believe that for many reasons. I think you can have patriotism and not support your country. I don’t think patriotism means supporting your government in times of war. A reason I am against this belief is because it is not always the same thing to be a good man and be a good citizen or patriot What if the government is doing something bad like telling us who to hate or you would be one of them.

Would you hate them and be a good American or would you be human and ask why? This has happened before in the USA and is known as McCarthyism. I f you spoke out against the government you would be branded a communist. Eventually more and more people came to their senses and began to rebel against the government. Another Reason I don’t agree with this Idea is because what if our country was invading another for the wrong reason and killing thousands of innocent lives. I think a life is worth more than some resources.

Would you stand be your government knowing its killing innocent people for a profit? A country that has done this is the USA, it has invaded many countries for it resources. My final reason is you don’t have to support your government to have patriotism. Patriotism is the love for your country. The government and the country are two very different things. The government is the way a place is governed. I believewe should always be loyal to our country and loyal to the government only when it deserves it. An example happened a long time ago in the time of the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors.

Montezuma (Aztec king) was stoned to death by his own people because he represented the he Represented the Agenda of White Spaniards Once He Was Captured. If Montezuma had not listened to the Spaniards then they would have supported him. In conclusion, patriotism does not mean supporting your government during times of war. To be a patriot all you have to do is love your country and be willing to sacrifice to protect it. We don’t have to support the government but we do have to defend it from threats including from an oppressive government.