My roles in a team

Your full May 13, My Roles in a Team I have worked with different audit teams on several clients during my experience in Ernst & Young. I have found that two of my strongest competencies for working collaboratively with team members are being able to (1) coordinate my team members so that they work in harmony with each other, and (2) supporting them in a way that boosts their morale and self-confidence. These competencies have made me a better team leader, and will continue to benefit me in my professional life. As I have worked in several large companies belonging to different fields, I have learnt that team coordination and team support are two of the greatest skills that act as catalysts for team success and productivity. I encourage team members to share their problems with each other and with the supervisors, so that they feel empowered. One thing that I hope will add value to the MBA team is my knowledge in audit and accounting. This knowledge, coupled with my team leadership, will prove to be beneficial in achieving project milestones efficiently.
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