My five year plan after i graduate essa essay sample

My five year plan after I graduate After I accomplish my academic studies at the art institute of phoenix I would like to set a five year goal plan. In my five year goal plan I would like to find work in an authentic Mexican restaurant. My first step would be to gain more experience in the restaurant by learning how the restaurant prepares its menu and manages its inventory, produce, meats and drinks, and in the process learn how to manage the employees. I would like to concentrate in developing a good work ethic environment. By gaining all this experience I can now begin to start to look in to possibly open my own small restaurant. All of this will happen in the next three years after I graduate form culinary management.

In the next two years, I will concentrate in meeting with local farmers and see what type of produce they have to offer. Buying everything local is not only going to make things easy for me but it will also help my community’s economy and local business. It will give my restaurant more of a home town feel to it. Next is buying the best meats which I will also be buying locally and look in to local breweries and wineries to add to my menu. After I find the perfect place where I will be setting my restaurant I will personally do the hiring for the best candidates that best fit my rules. Finally in the last year of my five year plan I will be ready for that great day that I been working so hard on to accomplish. The day I open my restaurant.