My decision to pursue an mba degree essay

Ever since I completed my Bachelors degree at University of Phoenix I thought about continuing my education with an MBA.

When I completed high school I was the individual who thought were going to go out and “ tackle” the world. Five years after I found why obtaining this knowledge is so important. I currently have two Associates degrees and a Bachelors degree. As the world changes must adapt to those changes, especially in the work environment that I am in. This is one reason that I choose to pursue an MBA degree. After I did the research I found many more are outlined below: Effect on my Future One of the main reasons that I thought about a master’s of business administration degree is to increase my salary potential.

My goal is to peruse an upper management position. In most cases that I have seen they must have an MBA degree for an executive and senior management positions. One of the first items I completed was to compare the salary ranges in the career paths I wanted to pursue. I compared what a Bachelors degree would pay against that of an individual with an MBA. I am more concentrated toward an MBA that focused on the IT sector. This is one of the higher paying fields compared to other MBA holders.

So with my love of computers it is alone natural that I chose to do my concentration on information technology. This is outlined in Table 1. Using the above figures if I have 25 more years or employment until I retire I can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $538, 250 in my salary. I am looking at spending around $40, 000 in tuition to complete my MBA degree. So if these figures hold true I should grow a return on my investment in year three after graduation. Several variables exists that they must take into account when considering salaries, include school prestige or recognition, your field or study, level of experience, and the area you live in.

This would just be a rough estimate of what my return on investment could be. Current Work Situation I believe this program also will open several more job opportunities whether it is at my current position or with a different company. Another asset that an MBA will provide me is to teach me analytical skills to improve my effectiveness in the workplace. With the changing economy an MBA would allow me to become innovative and more opportunistic to face these challenges. It will allow me to be a better problem solver. Being a problem solver is something that challenges me. I gain a great deal of satisfaction with the reward that comes as a problem solver. Applying the Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment Completing an MBA will provide my useful skills and competencies that I currently do not have.

Upon completion of the Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment it showed me some areas that I need to work on to improve my skill set. Using this tool I can concentrate on the areas it outlined that I be weaker in and use the assets that I already have to meet my career goals. It was refreshing to see some of the careers that I am focusing on with my future show up as careers that Jungian assessment recommended. Before I enrolled in an MBA program I decided where I wanted my career to take me. The MBA prepares me for a life as a corporate executive.

Adding New Skills I also just like learning new information. I hated high school and thought I would never go to college. I am open to changing my views; I love the learning environment that allows me to add to my current skills. When I completed my first degree it just seemed that would always be taking some courses to further my education. The challenge is excellent and very rewarding to me personally. I am always open to the adventure of adding new skills at work or at home. Recognition One asset that I over looked when I was “ weighing” the facts on whether or not to complete my MBA degree was the recognition that it would bring.

In talking with many of previous graduates of UOPX and other colleges, they told me how it changed the way employees viewed them in the workplace. It provides a needed edge when you show up to an interview, whether it be an internal interview or outside company with an MBA degree on your resume. Personal recognition is something that really does not affect me either way.

If you apply the recognition in the workplace and how it affects the opportunity this is something that really opened my eyes. Conclusion Taking all the considerations into effect that I have outlined in this document I feel the decision was obvious. Acquiring a well educated decision that was based on facts, examples, and real-world experiences really helped a lot. The money and time that I will invest in my future will pay dividends down the road.

I am looking forward to the adventure of completing my MBA degree and applying these new assets into my career!