My cultural identity essay sample

My third choice was “ marital,” and I am single and love to be single. Although currently I am in a relationship and he wants to progress to the next level, I am not ready. Do I think I’ll ever be ready? No. I feel after being constricted as a child, going through two severe domestic violence relationships with physical, mental, verbal, and physical abuse I just don’t want to experience any bondage. With my career it’s very demanding, my mom could not pursue her educational dream until she divorced my father, my sister couldn’t keep her children because of the abuse they suffered at her ex-husband’s hand. I know I shouldn’t base my decision off of other people’s situation, but they do play a big part in my decision to stay single. I believe that people where different masks at different times and eventually they have to take it off. I feel safer knowing that there will be no constrictions when it comes to me pursuing my educational and career goals. My field is very time consuming, I don’t have time with work and school to spend with other people.

My fifth choice is geographical location, I live in a very prominent community, there are so many community events that we have everyone knows everyone. Even though I am bi-racial I am accepted, I even have a superb relationship with my complex manager. Where I live is important because I like high status. The sixth choice is ethnicity. It’s not really important to me. No matter what color or creed I am, I would still be the same person inside. My age, which is choice 7, is not important. Everyone has a date to pass on and when that time comes it comes. So I live everyday and enjoy it. I don’t frustrate myself about getting old because I am just getting better. The eighth and last choiceis Gender, I am female and I am glad. Being female or male doesn’t dictate success in my life or a good living standard. Being female only makes me strive harder to accomplish things that the “ male world,” says can’t be done. {draw: frame}