My chosen sport is hockey

My chosen sport is hockey, and my position in hockey is mainly forward. I’m able to play midfield too. I play hockey because it is a sociable sport that can also come along with other positives like having the chance to exercise and become more fit and healthy, also helping with a positive mindset to others and own mentalhealth, I also enjoy the range in skills that can be learnt and put into a game weather it’s a friendly for school or a higher level. On the other side most importantly, it is very fun and enjoyable with the adrenaline that comes along when in a competitive non friendly game.

My strength in hockey is the ability to use my rapid pace, to beat opponents and keep my intensity up for a long period of time, this usually includes a fair amount of cardiovascular endurance
Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles, so that the whole body can exercise for a long time. This is particularly important in activities such as long distance running but is also a key factor in many team sports.

This component is important in Hockey because the players need to be able to keep playing for the whole match, or at least for the 35 minutes until it is half time. Depending on the position being played. Another key component that is used very often in hockey is muscular endurance is the ability of the voluntary muscles in the body, such as the biceps, to be used repeatedly over a long period of time and without getting tired.

This component is important in Hockey because the players use specific muscle groups repeatedly to run up and down the pitch and to complete passes. The quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal and gastrocnemius are used repeatedly to maintain a low body position when moving around the pitch. This is important in all positions on the pitch. My push pass is both powerful and accurate; this is a skill that is a strength of mine.

I can use this pass effectively in a range of situations. Furthermore, I also use a slap or a hit to create more power, but it can’t always have the consistency of accuracy that a normal push pass will have. A push pass can also be used in situations when interlocking from the defenders all the way up the pitch from overturning the ball, to a long pass where a forward could make a vertical lead from the centre to left or right to then have a more direct path to the D.

On the other side Marking is a crucial part of the game for every player on the team but even more so for the defensive line, as if they fail to mark their player effectively this could result in a goal being scored against them. To mark effectively when defending close to the goal, players need to be goal side of the opponent in a low body position with my stick close to the ground in order to block any attempt they make to get passed.

Also need to be my toes and ready to react to any movements they make or changes in direction. Being close enough to the players so if they make quick movements to lose you then you can follow them and if they are running to receiving the ball it is more likely you can intercept the ball and have a turnover. Dodging to lose a player is a key aspect too as defending a player is as important as loosing a play so you can either create space for other teammates or run into space to receive the ball.

My weakness in hockey Is to complete some skills in a high tempo game keeping stick on ball while running fast. Skill is an athlete’s ability to choose and perform the right techniques at the right time, successfully, regularly and with a minimum of effort. Timing is very important and skills have to be used in certain situations, skills are used most in a game to beat one to more players on the pitch from pulling the ball across the body to eliminate and avoid contact with the other team players, this decreases the chance of them getting the ball and overturning the ball. Once an overturning has happened fast reactions to react to the play is a key. Sometimes a tactical tackle to stop the game leaving time for the other teammates to get back and help defend is also a skill that benefits the same team as they can set up and be ready.

When trying to do a certain skill the faster you do it the more efficient it works rather than taking your time and at a slower pace. If you try to complete the skill quickly it also increases the chance you will lose possession I struggle to accomplish a skill as fast as I can using my wrists and upper arm strength to turn the stick certain ways and use my body angels to confuse the defender opposition.

Multitasking is key for any sport and being able to use you eyes to look up but then have the same amount of concentration to move your hands quickly and use strength to beat players.