My admission phobia

Topic High School Essay The happiest time was when I won in the school sports competition. 2. I want to know what could be the purpose of life. 3. A mother is equal to God on earth.
4. I am concerned about the poverty on earth.
5. A father is a mentor in life.
6. One book I enjoyed was the ‘ Time to Kill” by John Grisham.
7. I am best at making people laugh.
8. Adults think that I am too childish.
9. Other students would describe me as generous and understanding.
10. At home I am happy and comfortable.
11. The teacher who has influenced me the most taught me to face life with courage.
12. I would like to be better at loving people.
Admission Phobia
When I look back at my education phases, I can recollect the admission phobia I have undergone at every admission stage of my schooling. I could regard my Pre- kindergarten admission time as the most frightful and painful experience. At that time, I felt as though I was being taken out of this world. Leaving my parents and home was like getting killed or tortured. At that time, the teachers looked like devils and the Pre-kindergarten school looked like a hell. I was crying constantly and this continued for a few days, till I got accustomed to the school atmosphere. As I moved on to the kindergarten, I was not less fearful as the atmosphere was more formal than Pre- Kindergarten. I did not wanted to join the kindergarten as I found it isolating and formal. As I joined Kindergarten I started associating with other children and became playful and less concerned about home and parents. But when the time for elementary school admission arrived I started to feel nervous, agitated and anxious. I was terribly scared about the admission procedure and questioning of the teachers. It was due to the support and comforting of parents I could overcome the fear. I prayed a lot on the admission day and convinced myself that everything will be alright. Once I completed my admission successfully , my confidence level increased and was less fearful of admissions. However I was less familiar with summer camps and was afraid of leaving home and school. When my mother encouraged me and explained me about its brighter side I got excited. Once I joined the summer camp, I understood how much fun it was. By the admission time of junior boarding school I was completely confident and positive of admissions and got through it easily.
My passion for travelling has been evergreen, since childhood I was thrilled by the idea of visiting new places whether it is a nearby beach, the east of Korea or Hawaii. Every year I made it a point to travel to a destination and I believe in St. Augustine’s words that “ The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. Traveling the world inspired me enormously and Egypt was the country that astonished me with its Pyramids and hieroglyphs and since then I was attracted to ancient civilization. Egypt moved me unlike any other country with its distinctive culture, climate and scenery. As I had an interior view of pyramids, I was amazed by its architecture and could not help imaging the strength and brilliance of ancient Egyptian people. Thought it was harsh summer I failed to get exhausted like other tourists and continued to explore more of Egyptian monuments. The Egyptian civilization inspired me to be an archeologist in future and it was a turning point in my life. When I was in Eighth grade I was even influenced by Wagner and visited Germany as a result and visited Neuschwanstein castle and understood more about Ludwig, the musician. However, in Egypt I realized that Egyptians were poor to appreciate the beauty of Egypt. As St. Augustine claimed World indeed is a book and I have turned only a few pages and in future I would like to leave my parents and go for a world trip to explore the world.