Music and question

The world would be a less desirable place without music because Question 1 options: music contributes to the quality of life ” Classical music” can be thought of as music Question 2 options: that was created to be listened to carefully Concert music is heard more often and in more places than is popular music. Question 3 options: False Suppose you really like a type of popular music. Your attitude toward the classical music in this course should be Question 4 options: finding out why many people find classical works interesting to listen to Music is used in many different ways in America today. Question 5 options: True Hearing music and listening to music are much the same thing. Question 6 options: False Which one of the following do we not attend to when listening? Question 7 options: Total Time Elasped The best procedure for studying/listening to a musical work in this course is Question 8 options: listen while following computer graphics, then listen with Listening Guide, then listen without any visual aid [Audio] This music is being played by a [Williams: ” Star Wars,” CD 1, 2: 03-2: 22] Question 9 options: symphony orchestra Art or concert music is Question 10 options: music created for intellectual and psychological satisfaction Why are some guidance and instruction often needed to understand many works of concert music? Question 11 options: All of the choices are true The three modes of listening to music are Question 12 options: sensuous, expressive, and sheerly musical Which of the following is not a difference between concert and popular music? Question 13 options: Concert music uses more instruments. Why is memory so important in learning to listen to music? Question 14 options: Because we hear just an instant of music at any particular moment, we need to remember and anticipate what preceded and might follow that instant of sound. The composer of the music for the Star Wars films is Question 15 options: John Williams The goals of a music appreciation course include all but which one of the following? Question 16 options: Learning how to read music A coda is Question 17 options: the closing section of a musical work