Morocco a developing country

Developing countries are countries with non- or undeveloped industrial base, low living standards, and low HDI (Human Development Index) compared to developed countries like the United States and the European Union countries. Morocco is a good example of a typical developing country. It has an undeveloped industrial base, low living standards, and a low HDI. In fact, Morocco is ranked at the 130th place over 185 member states of the UN in 2013. Also, according to the United Nations Development Program, Morocco has a medium human development.

The reasons that make Morocco a developing country are numerous. Actually, the three main reasons that make the Cheriflan Kingdom a developing country are: French colonialism, low standards of social programs, and absence ofhuman rights. Firstly, Morocco is a developing country because of its historical roots. Indeed, one of the main reasons that make Morocco a developing country is the French Protectorate. The French Protectorate, or the French colonialism, worsened the situation in Morocco since its establishment in 1912 until the Independence in 1956.

The French and some Moroccan elite constituted by bourgeois Fassis and Rbatis took the biggest part of cake. This French-Moroccan oligarchy took share of the biggest and most lucrative businesses in Morocco such as agriculture, banks and insurance, industry, and politics. This situation made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Until nowadays, we still notice than the nerve of Morocco, which is economics, is still held by noble and notoriously rich families. Thus, the distribution of wealth in Morocco is unbalanced as we observe that there are the rich, the poor, and a small entity that akes the middle class.

In developed countries, middle classes are the ones that empower the economics and politics of a country. Take the example of Norway where a minister uses a bike or public transportation to get to his/her Job. We are not ready to see this anytime soon in Morocco. My argument, which is based on a historical basis, is that Morocco suffered and is still suffering from the French colonialism and that the Protectorate was mainly in advantage of France not of the majority of Moroccans, who were very poor in the first half of the twentieth century.

Unfortunately, Morocco has a very low standard of social programs. Instead of taking the best part of the French colonialism, Morocco took by large the bad side of the French system: one of the most tangible consequences of the French presence in Morocco is the cultural alienation. However, Morocco did not take advantage of some aspects of the French system such as the Social Security. Indeed, the French Social Security is a program made by diverse organizations that take care of citizens in four contexts: illness, old age, family, and accident. In Morocco, there is no such system.

Unless you are working in the state owned sector or in a good private company, you don’t have access to the Social Security. Morocco has only organizations such as CNOPS, CNSS, or private insurance and banking companies that have a backup role in case of unfortunate happening. This is a major factor that does not make Morocco a developed country, but a developing one. Finally, Morocco has a long standing reputation of non respecting human rights. Right atter the French colonialism, King Hassan 2 came to power and starts to use repressive techniques to dissuade some zealous intellectuals.

Fortunately, with the present of the contemporary King Mohamed 6, the situation is getting better especially with the instauration of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission. One of the most important criteria of a developed country is torespecthuman rights and maintain freedom for every citizen. Unfortunately, Morocco is not very good in that topic. We still have abuse of power, corrupted politicians, civil servants, and forces of security servants. Consequently, Morocco still has a long path to follow until it reaches a full status of democracy and becomes a developed country.

To sum up, Morocco should have Scandinavian countries as role models since they are truly the perfect example of developed and modern nations. All the four Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) suffered from the WW II but have reborn from their ashes like a phoenix. Morocco has never been involved in a major bloody war but still suffers from the presence of a soft power called Protectorate. As a country with a promising young population, we should be more open to the world, be working harder, pragmatic, and more tolerant to achieve the status of a developed country.