Modern american slavery

Many people who are either bullied at school or just get ignored at school can feel loneliness and probably want to get more attention. Many people who are always too trusting can get into more danger than any others around them since they have too much trust in them and trust anybody. Even the strangers on the streets or in a shop. These kinds of people are in serious danger whether they know it or not.

Lately, there’s a lot of sex trafficking in America and as one sees fit, these teenagers are the best targets anybody could have. Teenagers with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, craving for attention, and the capability to love easily become a target of the ever growing sex trafficking industry in America. When a teenager has a low self-esteem, they doubt themselves and feel better when somebody else comforts them or compliments them. In this state, one can be easily manipulated since a bad person can compliment the teenager and make them believe that the person is not a bad guy and then weave his or her way into the darkest corners of the teenager’s mind so the teenager would do certain things for them without showing any defiance. A person with a low self-esteem wouldn’t say no or show defiance because they doubt themselves that they wouldn’t stand a chance with the other person and feel cowardly. Of course, not everyone would face bad people and get manipulated into doing things that are wrong.

However, it is not uncommon in America and in fact, a young teenage girl who was picked on in her school a lot for her skin colors and other things got manipulated into doing things that were not justifiable. She was felling all lonely and alone when another girl came by and become friends. At least, that’s what the girl thought. The girl’s friend brought her to a guy, a guy who was dangerous. Of course, the girl didn’t know about this and as the guy complimented her and scolded her in a fatherly way, she felt as if he was a nice guy. However, he started having sex with her and even convinced her that she’ll get good money when she sleeps with other men he found.

So, with the wrong guidance, the teenage girl goes on, having sex with other men. But, soon she realizes that she doesn’t like this at all. Of course, the man who seemed nice at first when they first met threatened her with a gun and she had no choice but to go on. This is a case where a teenager easily falls for somebody else’s trap. And when he or she finally realizes the truth, it’s too late to go back since the other person has an already firm grip on the teenager. People who love easily are also exposed to danger of sex trafficking and even though loving easily is not exactly a bad thing, it can make a person more vulnerable to the outside world.

When a person meets a stranger, and when that stranger acts nice around the person, wouldn’t the always-loving person trust this stranger immediately and fall for his or her trap? In order to prevent this, the person doesn’t have to be suspicious all the time, but actually think more carefully when trusting people they just met. It’s an easy mistake for anyone, but they need to remember to be suspicious when needed. As sex trafficking increases each day and became the nowadays American “ slavery” thing, more and more underage teenagers should be careful on what they do and who they meet. Because they might meet a very dangerous person who might want to use the teenagers as sex trafficking and ruin their lives. Of course, a person would be fine if they didn’t talk to strangers in the first place, and have their guards drawn when meeting a stranger or going someplace suspicious, like a midnight club or a dark alley where no one is around.