mobile phones are an invasion of our privacy essay sample

Mobile phones are one of the most useful devices used in the world to communicate with others, but they can also be used to invade your privacy. It would better for YOU if your mobile phone is kept locked with a password. This will protect your personal information from being accessed to by other people. Never, Never, Never, keep any personal information on your mobile phone because mobile phones are one of the easiest devices to get access to if kept unlocked. The research shows that unlocked mobile phones have left people with debts because they kept their bank details on the phone as a reminder. There is a big chance that people could hack into your bank account if they get an access onto your mobile phone. There is a very high possibility that the money could be stolen from your bank account and leave you without a penny. Mobile phones have left people bankrupted and it has broken families apart. Would YOU risk the chance of becoming bankrupted? Furthermore, every mobile phone has a very annoying ring which causes the user to answer the phone immediately.

Some of these rings are so loud that it can wake YOU up at 1 in the morning, it can distract YOU from doing your work in the office, and most importantly answering a prank call wastes your most valuable time. So, would you consider having a device that controls and disturbs your life? Also, never keep pictures of yourself and others that may be inappropriate or embarrassing because those images can accidentally be put on the internet. Those images of yourself could end up on Facebook which stockers or perter files could use it to track YOU. In the past a girl got raped and killed by a peter file because her images that were on her phone ended up on Facebook. On Facebook page she had her address and the mobile phone with the pictures of herself. What would you do if a peter file was stocking you? Would you risk it?