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Most of the mobile devices such as phone and ‘pad provide convenientsocial networkingapplications helping people communicate, collaborate and obtain essential information via e-mail, typing messages. These easy-used applications can let people get along with each other anywhere they like no matter between colleagues or families easily.

Based on a fast and high-efficiency data-obtained function; people tend to use these handy applications making business decisions day by day. A true application of app used by Gee’s Mobile Center help decision makers mom in from the map to a specific transformer getting all key performance Indicators anddiagnosticinformation. 2. Some specific examples by using Phone to achieve a better control In the production line are a lot.

For example, TECH chocolate company make their integration industry come true since getting to use phone in order to quickly change temperature with an alert, turn-on or off the chocolate machine and achieve faster time-control; GE employees use pad to access email, contacts people and help them find patterns and trends in large volumes of data; Dhow Corning’s Analytics get results f sales conditions for the silicon products, data analysis by using the App devices, and their employees use phone to check email, exchange information, presenting ideas too; Sunbelt Rentals start to use a single data package system for sales team with a smart equipment of Mobile Salesperson. It’s appeared with a clear and complete system reports listed integrates data from different basic functions which takes a shortcut for sales managers to make any decisions in time; SAP’s business develops a one time applications for users to stay connected with customers and business anytime after work and get the information of products inventory and sales discount. 3.

Nordstrom, a top shopping place, improves their price-check and check-out time under the help of the connection between phone and leader-computer. Just using the Phone to scan the bar code is ready to go. The employees also use the smart phones to clock on and off in one time. 4. There Is no denying the fact that mobile devices really did a good Job In cost down among business field. It not only let market sales get a maximum profit but also shows an easy and fast way for customers and sellers to get along with each other. So, business Industry has gotten a huge improvement In working efficiency, products and service quality, time control and so on when we use these hightechnologytools.

Except that, it did a very important role in assisting person’s social life, no matter incommunicationor team work. If we lose those precious applications, we do nothing to develop our industry and quality for people’s life. Location of each stop, shipping time, package tracking information. Processing include basic package transform information, customer online account, and central computer. Output is composed of pick up, delivery efficiency, tracking routes, delivery mime and so on. 2. UPS uses Aids, barded scanning system, center computer. UPS uses the high- tech software to track packages and shipments, and do a cost calculation. Each of them can help UPS save time getting a better service by cutting down paper usage, transportation costs. 3.

Service (try best to meet their customers need): Customers can download their order details whether they want to replace order or make a refund back. This process is fast and easy to do. Cost (save costs but keeping service quality): ” 340 Methods” is used to optimize performance from lifting and loading boxes to select a package; this teeth increase cost savings and goods safety. Competitive advantage (aleadershipamong global delivery service): by using high tech installment, UPS has been the leadership for many years since Faded and USPS appear. Their supply chain let them achieve a standardized service and build a reliable brand image among competitors and customers at the same time. 4.

The scanning device like barded, Aids software, handheld devices and other methods keeping Pup’s management system fast and precise for inventory checking, fees calculation, customers accounts management. That is the key why this company till remains strong competitive advantages. 5. If the technology is not available for the UPS, they will lose thousands of customers and stay at the original place keeping awkward step without any competitive advantages among the whole delivery companies. Because of losing technology, they will spend tons of dollars on costs and the time they use isn’t proportional as what they want. 1 . This case illustrates the reasons whyhealthcare fees are so expensive in United States. One big reason is that the medicine records are currently paper-based, making it difficult to be shared and accessed.

Another reason is to achieve an automatic electronic medicine record system still tough before 2015. Not only for a privacy concern by using these devices, but also unreliable data available for doctors to gain main points which they need. As a result, to improve a valuable electronic health device is still the main topic for us to explore so that our health organization can do a better Job with efficiency and control resources lost. 2. People factors are involved by physicians, government agencies, patients and insurance company. Physicians will easily be tired and exhausted by adding extra erasures of 20 hours learning and training if we use the electronic medicine system.

Government’s goal is letting this high technology system used in national wide in combination difficulty within several distinct systems. Patients all strongly need their privacy information being kept properly. Organizations are including the EMMER systems to be built. To get a complete set of patient information in full national wide is still a long-term way to go. Because different companies have different systems for health record, and to integrate all the systems without privacy leakage, unusable information of each patient yet pretty formidable. At the same time, a high-tech system needs a high-leveldoctoror physician to accommodate, how to train our doctors in limited time is also a key point to emphasize.

For the technology factors, how to use EMMER systems to report the same data from government agencies to another one without a key is not easy. One of the most headache things is totally keeping patients’ data proper and safe. 3. The business will trends to traditional way by continue using thousands of papers; and health care will be more and more expensive due to the personal records peeping. So, government has to spend thousands ofmoneyeach year for those patients who can’t afford their health fees helping them solve their financial problems. The insurance industry may also grasp such a big chance to earn money for those unaffordable patients. The other industries will also be affected because of the monopoly of medical institutions.

Competition among social industry will be more and more ruthless. 4. Digitizing medical reconsidering can bring a fresh working efficiency for both companies and social industries. As a reason of convenient and swift operational yester, people no long dare their high cost of health care fees but a comfortable price instead. Governments no more nervous for the low income payments and health care bonus each year. Insurance companies can go on carrying out their insurance friendly plan in order to keep on their original industry purpose of ensure people’s life but not prolong people’s lifep. 5. In my points, I like this solution to use electronic systems to solve health problems.

One reason is that this system solves an expensive system for person’s health care and does huge contributions to doctors’ diagnostic time before looking up the specific information they need. Another reason is that this kind of perfect system can bring good news to governments to ensure people’s life quality and economy stability at the same time. Under the economic prosperity times, we need to try our best to use the high technology helping us improve working efficiency and get maximum profits day by day. So, the above details tell us a fact that this system definitely helps us solve several chain problems of economy monopoly, peaceful development, working productivity by increasing service and quality attitudes for a long time.