Marketing strategy for a start-up

We collected a huge database of clientele ranging from school kids, college students, restaurants, hotels, corporate facility managers and administration officers. A cost sheet was prepared as per the allocated budget. I was also a part of the recruitment team to a management college for recruiting employees for this division. A plan was made to cash upon our USPS I. E. ” Compliance” and decided to plan a seminar within the first month of the division’s launch as a new food safety law is being introduced to which majority of the people are not aware.

In the process we have structured and designed the basic website of Knowledge Center and learnt a Customer Relationship Management software called ” Infusions” and designed a data flow process for the seminar on ” Food Safety Awareness Act”. We have also conducted another seminar on ” New Product Approval”. The work on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) assignment ailed ” A Million Minds-spreading the word of Health and Hygiene” was started and a work flow, hierarchy of command, duties and responsibilities were decided. PHASE 2 In the 2nd phase we have continued with organizing seminars in the fields of food, health and hygiene.

I have followed up with a major client in the spice industry and have struck a good deal amounting to a huge profit and also converting the same into a possible client for a high end service during this period. We have increased our database in all the categories. We have been pitching for both inbound and outbound seminars throughout. Project Reach”, a business expansion model to promote and publicize the services of Equinox Labs pan-India was started. We have hired agents namely Business Associates, Part time Auditors and Collection Partners.

Today, the company gets orders from all across the country specially southern and eastern India apart from the western part of the country where Equinox Labs is a prominent name in the field of ” Testing. Compliance. Training”; Mission: To solve Water, Food, Hygiene and Air related problems for our Customers, with our Technical Expertise and High Impact Innovations, while focusing on Quality, Commitments and Confidentiality. Vision: To create a Healthier Work Environment, Better Lifestyle and Safer Food Products for the Community and our Customers.

Core Values: Unflinching Integrity Restless Innovation Preserve Confidentiality Quality assurance Empowering People Brief history: Equinox Labs was started as an effort to bring to every individual the advantage of Laboratory testing coupled with the convenience of decoded technical information for ease of comprehension. The diagnosis of problems like a non-conforming Analysis Report is where we consider our real Job starts. With the help of all our experts from verse fields ranging from Water treatment to Food Hygiene to Health, offering solutions to address the concerns of our customers has become our forte.

We take pride in providing solutions which are effective, feasible and cost effective. EQUINOX Labs is an NAB Certified & an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified state-of-the-art Laboratory for carrying out various tests in food, water, hygiene, air & environment. Over the years Equinox Labs has acted as a reliable platform for its customers in the field of analysis and today it is associated with many of the giant customers providing prompt and accurate testing services. Portfolio of Services: Organizational Structure : Service Selling is difficult.

Limited Database. OPPORTUNITIES Sector can be controlled once penetrated. Chances of increase in sales. Will gain better visibility in the market. THREATS Competitors have started to come up. Many consultants for HACK-22000 programs at a lower quality and a lower rate. Training Sessions Conducted in Equinox Knowledge Center Food Standards and Safety Awareness Act. New Product Approval. New Product Development. Nutritional Labeling. HACK-22000 -ratting. Sensory Evaluation. ESSAY compliance (GAP Audit). FASCIA Consulting and Licensing. Hygiene for Kitchen.

Planning for a Seminar/ Training Session The seminars we have conducted till now are usually a full length six hours seminar with a lunch and tea break or a half day three hours session with a high tea depending on the duration and the requirement prescribed by the audience. The steps in organizing a Seminar are as follows:- A market research for the required training session/seminar is conducted based on the primary data and the secondary data. A database of prospective clients is created. Further analysis is done and a target group is decided.

As per the target group a Trainer is hired (after considerable research, negotiations etc. . The session is advertised, promoted and pitched to the prospective clients. The prospects are given discounts and offers. Once the payment is received, an invoice along with the entry pass is sent. The seminar is conducted. A ” Thank You Mail” and the certificates are sent to all the participants two days after the seminar. Marketing of the Seminar: As per the seminar/training we have chosen the marketing techniques of using Push Marketing or Pull Marketing.

Application of the concept of Push Marketing Application of the concept of Pull Marketing *Once an invoice is raised and the payment is received an invitation along with the entry pass is sent to the client. FEEDBACK A feedback is taken from all the clients along with testimonials and video snippets. In some of the cases the clients have an internal resource software for the feedback which is analyzed by the clients and then given to us. PART B PROJECT REACH: Project Reach is a business expansion model by Equinox Solutions where in the target given to achieve is expand business to 21 cities in 6 weeks pan India.

This includes pitching in services of Equinox Solutions to potential Business Associates, Part-time Auditors and Collection Partners. A special segment is also included in this reject called Equinox Certified Consultant where a consultant is given opportunity to conduct GAP Audits. We have designed three designations in the expansion model. They are: Business Associate Partner Program Business Associate Partner Program After FAST, 2006 Equinox services are in great demand and the demand is increasing in Corporate and F&B industry both.

Equinox is focusing on market penetration to reach all the Food Business Operators and Corporate in the country and looking for Company or Individual who is passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle, and managing a growing business opportunity at the same time. We have got a good response for the ABA program. Target Market: We basically targeted Retired Food Technologists, Food Consultants, Fob’s, FOB Vendors, Professors and faculty of various colleges.

Part Time Auditor Program Part Time Auditor Program is a program basically designed for students who want to have a hands-on experience of how the industry of testing, compliance and training is in terms of Food, Water and Air. A PAP is paid as per the GAP audits he conducts on a man day. Target Market : Our target here were the students of the colleges which offer courses on food technology, microbiology, bio chemistry, bio technology and bio hammiest. A Collection Partner is a person who coordinates with the ABA as well as the PAP and collects testing samples and couriers back to the Equinox testing Lab.

The CUP is paid the service fee as well as the logistics cost. Target Market We have concentrated on helpers in the medical shops or pharmacists in many metros. The reason behind this is we have conducted a survey both in person and also over the telephone over the ” dull business hours” in a day for around 50 pharmacies all across the country and have arrived at a conclusion that the timings between 2: 30 p. M. -6: 00 p. M. The sales are extremely low and in these times the harmonicas can engage themselves or their helpers for collecting the samples.

We have spread across the word of Healthy and Happy Living. Mode of Promotion Faceable Page Twitter Handle Presentations on Slideshows Website Visiting the slums Spreading across schools and colleges. We have got various ways to support namely -: Scouts: They are basically students from class 8 to the college students. They are the key people in Word of Mouth publicity. Mentors: The Mentors are in a higher age bracket from 28 years to 50 years old people who have been given a responsibility of 15 Scouts each. Every week a course f action is chalked out and the detailed analysis of the work performed is done the following week.

Achievements Knowledge Center is known as a separate entity now. Conducted a seminar within one month of the commencement of the internship and generated a good amount of revenue. Was a part of the recruitment team and have conducted a complete recruitment process for a Marketing Executive. Equinox Solution now has Business Associates in almost every city of India. Perfect market research was done and good amount of reliable database was generated. Finalized a big deal for a seminar on Sensory Evaluation in Koch.