Marketing implementation

Marketing Implementation For every business either small or large scale, marketing is the base for a business to succeed. Good marketing means maximization on the profits. Marketing implementation goes in hand with marketing strategy where the latter could turn out differently. Marketing implementation is, therefore, mandatory, and it is the process that turns marketing plans into action.
Every marketing implementation needs a marketing strategy. Proper implementation requires effective organizational structures and suitable regulation and evaluation. For an implementation to succeed, there is a need to recognize a problem within the market niche, know where the problem is emanating from, executing plans and evaluating the results of the executed plans. The marketing strategies can be implemented by using internal marketing and total quality management approaches. Pride & Ferrell note, ” Both approaches represent mindsets that marketing managers may adopt when organizing and planning marketing activities” (2004). Internal marketing involves the administrative actions that are needed to make the employees of the company accept their obligations in the marketing process. Customers are also important in the internal market as they buy a firm’s products. Total quality refers to the output that the firm(s) gives to its customers. It focuses to meet the customers need to gain satisfaction from a product.
Total quality method relies on the ability of employees to repeatedly increase the quality of goods and services in the organization. It takes into consideration organizing the products, region it distributes its products to and organizes its targeted customers. “ Just like external marketing activities, internal marketing can involve market segmentation, research, distribution, product development, and even public sales promotion” (Pride 2004). Constant enhancement of an organizations goods and services is by the idea that the quality is free but having low quality of goods and services can lead to the number of dissatisfied customers hence can be expensive.
In conclusion, marketing implementation connects with market strategies. The strategies have to be implemented through internal marketing and total quality management approaches. The ultimate result of an appropriate strategy is satisfied employees and enhanced customer relation.
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