Marketing concepts and strategies essays example

Marketing concept and strategies of Apple Company

The Apple Company has employed various marketing concept and strategies in enhancing the customer’s relationship. Google and Amazon companies have also considered the same concepts to enhance their relationship with their customers. To maintain this relationship, the companies have considered and given the customers feedback priority in the decision making. The management of these companies has developed customer relation by putting an effort in the understanding their expectations. This leads to translation of the expectation into quality improvement (Corbae, Jensen, & Schneider, 2003). This has gained these companies competitive advantage in computer marketing both locally and internationally.
Customer’s retention comes from their satisfaction with the product that is provided in the market. The Apple Company projected its objective in the provision of the quality products. This has lead to the customers gaining confidence with the computers produced and marketed by the company (Corbae, Jensen, & Schneider, 2003). This results from the offering of satisfaction guaranteed product that retains and attract potential customers. The companies have created various similar relationship programs with its customers. This consists of the interaction with the customers through sponsoring social events. At these events, the companies get the feedback on the products they are providing and producing. It brings customers closer to the management where the direct response is provided.
Apple, Google and Amazon companies have considered managing customer’s expectation through understanding what can go wrong. This makes the companies’ focus on the issues that are subjected to wellbeing of customers (Corbae, Jensen, & Schneider, 2003). What is considered wrong by the customers, the companies pay more attention and improve in the area in regard to customer’s response. Finally, the three companies have tried to uphold the quality standard of the computers and other electronic gadgets. They have diversified their computers marketing and production hence targeting large market.


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