Marketing and ethicsassignment assignment

Realizing that this ad misled them to believe something that wasn’t 100% clinically proven, led many angry consumers to complain about the advertisement of the ad. The way the commercial was presented was well done and I believe It definitely captured the essence on the importance of having breakfast before school. Many students, including myself, do not normally eat breakfast, which isn’t healthy for either the mind, body, or soul.

If you look at the ad In a In a different aspect, the young boy appears smarter and well attentive due to eating this particular Kellogg cereal. This is where I believe they Kellogg went wrong. Whenever you include numbers or percentages In anything. You should always expect It to be questioned. Had they went under the intention of promoting eating breakfast for a healthier start to your day; it more than likely would not have escalated to the point that it did.

Research shows that the kids’ attentiveness only Increased to about 11%, which Is a big gap from what they were advertising in their ad. It is also misleading when they say that “ kids who have a fill in for Kellogg Frosted Mini-Wheat get an improvement of awareness by nearly 20 To me. It Isn’t promising that they will reach 20% but It can definitely reach to the point is what they are saying. The way things are worded makes a difference on how things are presented.

The community of families. The company owners, and the brand alongside the media were greatly affected by this. Kellogg being such a well- known worldwide company as it is known for its cereal and goods; this lawsuit put a major stamp on its history of promoting truthful ads. The Impact that It had on the families that viewed Kellogg as a “ go to” product when shopping, now questions whether or not they ant to continue to buy their product when they walk into the store.

The owners have such a grand name to uphold In such that this must have been such a shock to receive from FTC. When FTC got involved, they faced a major penalty in which they had to adhere to the following from The Daily Green News: “ The proposed settlement would bar Kellogg from making comparable claims about Frosted Mini-Wheat unless the claims are true and not misleading. It requires that claims about the benefits to cognitive health, process, or function provided by Frosted Mini-Wheat or any ironing food or snack food be substantiated and true.