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Section of a Marketing Plan

Management and Organization Plan

General Manager-Anah Smith

Anah smith is leading Home Cookin’ with over 9 years of leadership and managerial experience in all different aspects of business. She has received her BS at the University of Evansville with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She is currently involved with the Professional businesswomen of America.


The General Manager is responsible for strategic issues, external relations, and overall corporate governance. They form the company’s cash flows, balance sheets, and income statements. These figures show the companies profits and losses, and forecast the growth and success of the business. They will also ensure that the corporation continues to meet both the employee’s and the customer’s needs. When they feel like there might be a better plan in increasing profits, they will discuss the plan with the other members of the management team. The GM needs to make sure to keep sales high and that the customers are happy with the service. Another duty is to oversee all managers, supervisors, and employees. GM is responsible for all operations and finances of the restaurant.

Kitchen Manager-Deb Smith

Deb had brought much experience with her in coming to Home Cookin’. She managed Sirloin Stockade for five years after being an employee there for two years. She has worked in the restaurant business for 10 years now and is a great asset to our company.


The Kitchen Manager has the general responsibility to oversee daily kitchen operations of Home Cookin’. They must order all inventories needed to make the products and see that they are made correctly with the right ingredients. They will oversee the production of the product to ensure that they are being produced correctly and in accordance with health department regulations. She will monitor all kitchen operations and see that they are completed efficiently and profitably.

Service Manager-Kristi Jones

Kristi Jones brings her experience as a customer service representative and a sales representative to Home Cookin’. She has worked in customer service for 13 years now at well-known places like Ameritech, Century Cable and Ontario Corp. Kristi has just received a Business Management degree from Ball State University and is hoping to be General Manager one day.


The Service Manager works mainly with our customers. Their job is to make sure the customers are satisfied with the service of Home Cookin’. They will interact daily with the customers and help them if need be.

Kitchen Supervisor-Lee Smith

Lee Smith has been Master Chef at a Chinese Restaurant for four years. He will be bringing much knowledge and experience to Home Cookin’.


The Kitchen Supervisor will train and supervise new employees. They will also fill in and cover for other people when needed. They oversee the kitchen staff and will work along with the Kitchen Manager.

Service Supervisor-Carrie Stoops

Carrie Stoops will serve as our service supervisor. She has supervising experience and has worked in customer service for 13 years now at well-known places like Ameritech, Century Cable, and Ontario Corp. She has worked in many different service businesses, which gave her experience needed to know what the consumer needs and wants in a product.


Training and supervising new employees is one of the responsibilities of the service supervisor. They will fill in for employees when needed and make sure the customers are satisfied with their service. They will work mainly out front with the customers.

Community Representative-Sarah Beal

Sarah Beal will serve as our community representative. She has been working in the customer service department at WGE credit union for 4 years now. She only has one-year experience in the food industry, but we feel she will bring great expertise to our management team. Ms. Beal focuses her studies at Ivy Tech State College in marketing. She has been a part of a marketing team where she created and developed the entire marketing plan for a made-up product.


The Community Representative is responsible for determining all marketing strategies, and product marketing. This position will also design and oversee the advertising strategy. The ultimate goal of the Community Rep is to offer the public a quality product that is affordable as well as beneficial to its consumer. They will go to events such as community events, schools and businesses. Advertising and public relations will be mandatory for this job position.

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