Management of human resources class discussion wk3

Employer-Employee Disputes Affiliation: In your opinion, what are the two best waysof settling disputes between employers and employees?
The best way to settle the dispute is through arbitration where each party is allowed to have a representative such as their lawyer present when a third party is hearing the grievances of both parties. This method will keep things slightly formal but still maintain the diplomatic relationship between the two parties. The other method is using the courts to settle as monetary damages are likely to be paid and the employer is going to avoid committing such mistakes with other employees in future (Jackson, Shuler & Werner, 2012).
Suppose you are in charge of HR at a mid-size firm. How would you encourage fair treatment practices in terms of diversity and inclusion?
In order to encourage diversity, it is important to have a diversity training where the management and employees can know how to treat people of diversity and encourage it as well within the organization. Inclusivity can be cultivated through allowing the employees into the decision making process within the organization at whatever level is convenient (Jackson, Shuler & Werner, 2012). This will be a sign of respect of their opinion and will boost their productivity as well as reduce or eliminate cases of workplace unfair treatment towards the company.
Suppose you are in charge of HR at a small mom-and-pop company. How would you encourage avoidance of harassment within the company?
In a small company, harassment is easy to prevent through clearly stating the rules of the company once an employee is hired. These rules without many employees to monitor will be easily implemented and followed up upon. The other way is to provide a system of instilling discipline as well as punishing employees that is fair. This can be done through having steps to follow such as warning letters before suspension is enacted if the behavior is recurrent (Jackson, Shuler & Werner, 2012). These are bound to keep employees in check over the harassment issue.
Jackson, S., Shuler, R. & Werner, S. (2012). Managing Human Resources. New York: Cengage Learning.