Mahathir mohamad’s speech about the democracy in the philippines essay sample

In Mahathir’s speech about the Filipino-style democracy, I have to agree with what he had said; “ When people think only of the freedoms of democracy and know nothing of the implied responsibilities, democracy will not bring the goodness that it promises. Instead it will result only in instability and instability will not permit development to take place and the people to enjoy the benefits of freedom and the rights that democracy promises”. We should not only look at the benefits we will get but we should be aware also in our duties. Everything should be balance so that we can attain our goals easily. I also agree with his statement that tells about how democracy works. He stated that it only happens when we know its limitations. Of course, not everything is unlimited. We have a number of rights to be name of but we should know its coverage. We should not abuse it rather use it wisely. Some government officials also become more corrupt because of freedom. When we elect him, He can enjoy a lot of benefits without giving too much effort.

And because of that, he will do everything just to maintain his position or raise it higher. People should also be disciplined enough. Having democracy means having the freedom to rule yourself but, not all people can do that. Not all of us possess something that a leader should have. They think that when they have freedom, they have everything under their control so they use it abusively. For an instance, some people are rallying because they think that the government does not give concerns with their problems. They voted for them so they should not blame them for not being satisfied. They should know that they are not the only one suffering. The officials in return should be willing to serve his people. They should them first before themselves.

However, I disagree that a doctor president is much better for Philippines. He may have those certain advantages he is talking about but not all doctors have those leadership skills needed for successful politics. A leader should know how to listen to his citizens. He should also be able to make his people follow him with obedience. A good leader serves his people first before anything else. He should have dedication towards his work. He should also be fair and creative. He should look at things without bias. He should check everything first before giving his judgment. He should be creative enough to think for great solutions to the problems and has the ability to see things differently compared to others. Lastly, I think that democracy is only affected by the government. People too has their part And everyone should do their best for the benefit of them all.