Machiavellian ideas and modern leaders

This is especially important to politicians and leaders because if they keep trying to be the good guy and making empty promises then they will eventually ruin themselves. Several of Machiavellian ideas can also be applied to modern leaders and political figures today. Believing that a prince needs to rule restriction and limitation to protect people in order to survive. Therefore, being cruel and being feared are necessary actions a ruler must take to keep safety and order to his country.

One of the feared leader in today’s society is Kim Gong Un who is the supreme deader of North Korea and has been directly responsible for a number of strategic policy which his subordinates approve. Kim Gong Un is a powerful supreme commander who as the decider balances his institution and show people that as the dictator, people needs to bear in their mind thatloyaltyand devotion is necessary in order for him to protect his country and traitors is not going to be tolerated.

And by showing that traitors will be punish, Kim Gong Un executed his powerful uncle Gang Song-take who held accountable for being traitor that wanted to get the power Kim Gong LLC has. According to Goldman, Russell. ” Kim Gong-nun’s Bloody Path to Power. ” BBC News. Web. ” Purging and killing suspected rivals or officers with wavering loyalty has been a trait of thefamilydynasty along with unusual means of execution, which have included death by close range mortars” Because Kim Gong UN is feared, people has too much devotion for him.

And because of that, protecting his country has become secure. Kim Gong UN construct stronger army that can handle any modern time warfare with complete offensive and defensive capabilities. And promises people that no one will get hungry again. Another feared and powerful leader in our today’s society is President Xi Jigging from China. President Xi articulated a simple but powerful vision to revive and restore the Chinese nation. After just two years in office, President Xi has advanced himself as a transformation leader, adopting an agenda that proposes to reform.

President Xi has a mission to kill graft and corruption in his country, the campaign touch almost every corner of the government. According to Kiang Steven. CNN News. Web. The 61 -year-old leader, considered China’s most powerful in decades, reiterated his ” zero-tolerance” stance, vowing to keep ” waving high the sword against corruption” and ” fastening the cage of regulations. ” He took down former domestic security Czar Yanking, likely soon to become the most senior Chinese official ever to face corruption charges; General Xx Cachou, once the military’s second-in- command; and Ling Joshua, a top aide to ex-President Huh Contain.

For the sake of stability of china’s nation, President Xi wanted to prove the people in china hat he will not tolerate deception and betrayal to their own county whether they are high ranking officials or low ranking officials. Lastly, President Vladimir Putting of Russia has a remarkable grip on power in today’s society. He became prime minister in 1999. That lasted until 2000, when he switched to president, which lasted until 2008. Then he became prime minister again until 2012. He then went back to being the president of Russia, an office he’s held since May 2012. According to Kamikazes, Cork. Endearingly. Web. No one would call Vladimir Putting a good guy,” Forbes staffer Caroline Howard wrote. In 2014 he strong-armed his way into possession of Crimea and waged an ugly proxy war in neighboring Ukraine, during which an almost certainly Russian-supplied surface-to-air missile downed a civilian jetliner. ” President Putting is the kind of man who does what he wants and sin ‘t backing down from his ambitions no matter what everyone say. Because Putting is aiming Ukraine to instigate maximum damage since he wants to reconstitute Russia, President Putting sent tanks and artillery into eastern Ukraine and he knows that the west won’t interfere.