Love versus infatuation

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between love and infatuation. Most relationships start this way. At the beginning everything is so intense and it somewhat consumes your life. Love at first site however is very rare. Although sometimes people just get lucky. The infatuation can sometimes grow into love after time but it doesn’t always work out this way, most of the time it just fades away and so does your so-called “ true Love. ” Infatuation is what most people feel at the start of relationships; the excitement you feel when they are just present, the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest, and the all famous butterflies in the stomach. You remember every outfit that you have worn on each and every perfect date that you have been on. You get the goose bumps every time they touch you, your life is perfect so it seems. Meanwhile love is not always rainbows and sunshine. It takes work, a lot of work. It can still be exciting at times. It is filled with communication, respect, and honesty. True love has passion, intimacy, and commitment. Neither of you expect anything in return. You resolve differences not as two people but as one. True love is full of compromise, having the same goals and values, and sharing dreams. This is the person who knows everything about you and still has that same passionate love for you. There are many differences between love and infatuation. They both make you have a gratifying feeling, the feeling of love is not as intense as infatuation but it is a very deep emotion. One big difference is that love may last 60 years as infatuation may last only 6 months at most before the newness wears off. You don’t have to work at infatuation, it’s pretty simple. You feel pleasure when you do things for the other person. On the other hand when it’s true love you do things you won’t get any pleasure from, this is called a compromise. There are really never any fights when infatuation has taken you over everything about the other person seems perfect. With love there are fights, sometimes there are a lot of them when dealing with the daily stresses of life. When you are in love you admit to your imperfections, and so do they. Love and infatuation are two different emotions even though in some ways they are similar. Infatuation will eventually fade but true love will last forever. Once it starts to fade you will find yourself in a state of contentment where, when problems do arise you know you can depend on each other to continue to love and support each other.