Listening observation activity critical thinking sample

Part 1. Brief Overview of the School Meeting

The William County School Board Meeting was viewed through YouTube as posted on October 17, 2012 on the URL http://www. youtube. com/watch? v= qUZJ8UuyDdU. The said meeting was disclosed to have taken place on October 15, 2012 and took 43 minutes. The first part enjoined the participants to profess the Pledge of Allegiance; and followed by the approval of the agenda after some corrections were apparently noted. After motions seconded, the meeting commenced; and was adjourned a little after 40 minutes.

Part 2. Responses to Questions

1-Did all audience members focus their attention, avoid distractions, and maintain their role of listener when other members were speaking? In other words, was listening focused, polite, and active?
2-Did audience members seem to understand the speaker(s) message(s)? Did they ask questions for clarification or paraphrase the speaker’s ideas? How do you know?
The audience members understand the speaker’s messages as evidenced through responding appropriately to the tasks at hand. For instance, when respective speakers were told to stand and speak at the designated podium, these speakers come forward and deliver their messages, as needed. There was the first speaker who delivered the Public Comment who asked if it was correct that he needed to state his name and address prior to delivering his message; and the speaker appropriately acknowledged. Likewise, when the speaker asked members of the audience (boy schools and principals) to stand to be recognized; they duly responded accordingly.

3-Was there any eye contact or not?

There was definitely eye contact among speaker and members.
4-Did audience members provide immediate or delayed feedback to the speaker(s)?
The audience members effectively provided immediate feedback to the speakers through responding appropriately: confirming votes, standing when asked, going to the podium when asked, standing to be recognized, responding to questions, and observing silence while speakers are relaying their respective messages. There was no unnecessary noise that could distract members from going through with the meeting successfully according the agenda.

Part 3. Suggestions to Make the Meeting Better

One strongly believes that the meeting was most effectively undertaken based on the elements and the principles of interpersonal communications. All the elements were appropriately observed, including observing silence; responding appropriately which confirms that messages were relayed and understood accurately; feedback being relayed in the form of clarifications and questions, when needed; and observing ethical behavior through maintaining professionalism at all times.
The only suggestion which could make the meeting better was to provide a statement to the audience who might like to be excused at one point during the meeting when the discussion does not concern their interest or participation. For instance, one observed that the speaker who delivered the Public Comment just left which a colleague after about 17 minutes of the meeting. This could be considered rude, but since he does not have any business or interest in the Board Meeting proceedings, he could actually have been excused right away. Likewise, one observed that there were boy scouts who were in the audience who were in attendance for reasons of applying for citizenship. Since there were young kids, they definitely do not have any interest or concern on the rest of the matters to be discussed. One thought that the main speaker could graciously acknowledge their presence and indicate that they could leave, if deemed decided at a certain time when the rest of the Board Members vote on matters itemized in the agenda. Otherwise, the whole meeting concerning matters of the board of the William County School was most effectively undertaken pursuant to the elements and principles of interpersonal communication.

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