Letter for the portfolio

First and foremost, allow me the opportunity to express my sincerest thanks for according the chance to develop one’s knowledge on English literature through the diverse readings and writing endeavors that were assigned. It has been a privilege to have been counted as one of your students whose life has been immensely enriched by the experience.
Secondly, from the essays that were assigned to be written, one is convinced that there were challenges encountered in writing. For instance, in writing the critical analysis for Organ Sales Will Save Lives” written by Joanna MacKay, one was initially apprehensive to critique the discourse given that the writer apparently exuded exemplary skills and capabilities in writing. For someone who just started writing, it was such a distressing experience to scrutinize the work and rationalize effectiveness based on the essential elements in arguing a position. Likewise, the topic on “ A Strong Healthy Economy Versus a Strong Healthy Environment” was also difficult because, as emphasized, both facets seem to manifest similar levels of importance.
Concurrently, one found the topic on “ Causes and Effects of Privacy Violation on Social Media and the Internet” most useful due to the preponderance of continued use of social networking sites and the online medium. Thus, there are a wealth of authoritative sources that provided the needed support.
I actually learned immensely from these essays; particularly skills in critiquing, in research, and in writing an effectively supported cause and effect; as well as persuasive arguments. I was made assume a more professional stance in writing by gathering authoritative information that would support and validate the arguments made. Likewise, I learned to observe proper citations and referencing; as well as the need to abide by grammatical rules in sentence structure, spelling, use of punctuation marks, appropriate choice of vocabulary, and editing. Finally, I got to enjoy reading literary works from varied genres that assisted in refurbishing one’s interest in reading.
With all of the new knowledge and skills learned, my sincerest gratitude.
Sincerely yours,