Leading with heart report example


Decisions in the school and conflicts are all are made and resolved collaboratively throughout the institution. This is mainly because the teachers in the school collaborate a lot and work together towards achievement of the set out goals.
Communication within the school is from the open self. Staff members, students, and parents are kept up to date with frequent communication through notes, memos, and newsletters. This ensures that all stakeholders are kept up to date with the operation of the school.
Yes, there is evidence of an open systems organizational structure where roles of the administrative staff are not defined. Each individual in the school’s administration picks their own job description based on their abilities and this helps to create an efficient open organization system.
There is relatedness as well as task behavior exhibited by the leaders. As stated earlier leaders within the school do not have defined job descriptions, therefore, each leader picks a role that they can relate to and performs duties that appertain to that role.


The open organizational system in Luther Academy is working perfectly. The school is being managed in the best way, communication is effective, and teachers are happy about their jobs. This means that the open organization system should be encourages. In addition, the school should maintain its efficient communication system through which it keeps all stakeholders up to date. Lastly, the respect that is accorded to the teachers within the institution should be maintained. It is evident that most of the teachers at the school come to work because they want to despite their pay being lower than other schools. This shows that they love their job. In order to encourage them even further, new programs to reward the teaching staff should be implemented.


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