Leaders in my field of education

Leaders in my field of education The leader that exemplfies social change to me is our middle school principal; He has leadership qualities that makethe middle schoolers respect him and follow the rules. Many students actually find the principal very cool. He is very polite to the students and is easy to approach for all kinds of issues. We believe that he takes our well-being seriously. This is part of the reason why any decision he makes is strictly followed by the students, and also why the discipline of our school is exemplary.
Our middle school principal exemplifies the concepts related to positive social change because his decisions are directed at bringing about social welfare. For example, he personally taught all students how to plant trees, importance of planting trees, and how to take care of them. Then he gave all students a task of planting one tree each. Ever since, many students have made it their habit to regularly plant trees. “[L]eaders need to understand the phenomenon of leadership and learn effective ways of dealing with the chaos that surrounds them – to move forward, to achieve, to make progress – within and outside of their organizations” (Watt, 2009, p. 51); our middle school principal surely fits this definition.
Time when leadership can be expressed more powerfully is the time of transition or crisis because these are the times when leadership is mostly absence and thus produces devastating results for an organization (Vogelsang, 2008, p. 3). Our middle school principal remained at the forefront and held himself responsible when our school’s team lost in the match with other schools. Indeed, he took some measures to coach our team better and now our team is performing much better.
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